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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-04
The government push the hairdressing industry to standardize the < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:46 < / p> source: Chinese medicine reported to the Ministry of Commerce has formulated the 'interim measures for the hairdressing industry management' of the specific implementation, and through the Chinese beauty salon association and the chamber of commerce for hairdressing cosmetic industry, extensively solicit the opinions and Suggestions. Beauty salon services are broad consumer consumption is an important part of daily life, is an important industry in our country residents service, is closely related to People's Daily life. Marketization degree is high, but as a result of industry competition is intense, beauty salon industry in our country there is a blind development, management behavior is not standard, the market order is disorderly, the industry development problems such as lack of scientific guide. These problems have affected the healthy and orderly development of the industry. To this end, the Ministry of Commerce in earlier this year issued and implemented the 'interim measures for the hairdressing industry management'. To better promote the beauty salon industry guidance, coordination, supervision and management, carry out related work, the implementation of the Ministry of Commerce recently formulated the 'method'. Requires all localities departments of commerce of the opinion to the scientific development concept as the instruction, improve the beauty salon industry awareness of guidance, coordination, supervision and management, strengthen guidance and management to the development of industry, study the establishment of a is given priority to with local beauty salon industry development promotion system, to promote industry standards, guide the industry develop in the direction of standardization, industrialization, market consumption, guide the industry self-discipline, standardize the market order, and cultivating service brand, set up the mechanism of good faith, to create a good environment for enterprise development. Also calls for strengthening of the views on industry development guidance work, requires all localities departments of business administration to strengthen guidance to the development of industry, to guide the enterprise to register the information for the record, to guide the industry to establish a system of information publishing market information, lead investment development and scientific consumption; To guide the industry to establish the good faith service system, the formation of dishonest violations of the punishment mechanism, the standard, good faith service enterprises to expand its influence in the society, to promise an illegal enterprise and personnel shall carry out the social public; At the same time, through the study formulates plans for the development of industry, guide the industry development chain, brand and other modern management way, encourage enterprises in the community to carry out the service, continuously improve service level and the level of modernization of industry. Industry technology and service procedures. Due to the beauty salon service quality is related to the health of consumers and industry standard development, therefore, in the 'implementation opinion', establish industry standard system is a high position. The implementation opinions to the administrative department to guide the system of industry standards, strengthen the health and safety conditions, standardize the service procedure, improve the quality of service, build up the country, the industry or local beauty salon service programs, procedures, such as service quality standard system, and guide and organize to implement the standard of the industry. At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce is also formulating an opening professional hairdressing industry conditions, beauty salon industry classification and grading standard. The implementation opinions to the administrative department of commerce to relying on the 'interim measures for the hairdressing industry management', actively communicate with related departments, establish coordination mechanism, the joint work, standardize the order of hairdressing market, special regulation on some outstanding problems in the industry; To guide the industry set up a blacklist system, to give punishment for illegal breach. Also of the opinion to give full play to the industry association ( Chamber of commerce) The role of the lead business in accordance with the law; Cultivating service brand support industries, and by conducting various professional training, improve staff quality. Industry association ( Chamber of commerce) Shall establish technical committee, adjust service disputes, protect the rights and interests of consumers, promote the industry to further improve the service level.
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