The golden opportunity of cosmetics industry

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
Double 11 this point this year, Chinese beauty makeup show a strong combat effectiveness: perfect diary govinda Tmall makeup, the finches current clinch a deal the opening 10 minutes to break one hundred million yuan, west 1 hour break one hundred million yuan. One hundred million yuan in turnover 'club' list, also including the natural hall, fu, such as winona beauty makeup air. Tmall beauty makeup 'brand and shop sales top ten' list, a lot of famous brand and beauty makeup air seats than was 6:4, including established the Chinese hundred birds gazelles and natural hall, medicine makeup brand winona, a perfect diary and listed for the first time. Facts and data show that the domestic cosmetics industry is in rapid development, over the past year, the parity of cosmetics on the market were superior to increase sales growth and customer performance in a second-tier cities. With the east wind, many cosmetics brands are actively seeking the opportunity to fly, cross-border cooperation is one of the brand. Over the years, each big brand of cosmetics emerge in endlessly, cross-border cooperation is overwhelmed. But not all brands can succeed. Product at the push of social platform successful cases are based on the product has potential in 'red', there are a few common characteristics, one is in the product design is spread; 2 it is to have a relatively clear and outstanding features and selling point; The third is the price is reasonable, is the product ratio of compression. From consumer booking sales top 5 minutes last year sales throughout the field of beauty makeup, future consumer protect skin to taste appeal continues to grow, only grasp the good trend, the market is limitless. Lowers himself in a number of brand development at the same time, China is also in constant progress, the product more and more get the favor of consumers. XJ Beauty is willing to cooperate with the masses of people with lofty ideals, to create a good skincare brand.
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