The future of China's beauty industry market: cosmetics OEM enterprise development road in where?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
Relevant data show that at present there are about 20000 cosmetics brands across the country, but only about 3000 companies have production ability. Not every cosmetics company has manufacturing plants of the genus since, thus promoting the development of the domestic cosmetics OEM business.

but most of the current domestic cosmetics manufacturer companies are taken from manufacturing to sales integration mode, basic is in a state of 'self-sufficiency', cosmetics manufacturer OEM mode of production has become the mainstream. However, it also shows that the domestic cosmetics OEM market potential is tremendous, as a result, the domestic cosmetics OEM enterprises want to enhance their competitiveness and sustainable development, realize the OEM to ODM enterprise transformation, is still a long way, but there are telltale signs. The development of cosmetics enterprises want to have a long, XJ Beauty tell you need to do the following several aspects.

1, micro spectrum technology, tailored for the OEM enterprise solutions

micro spectrum technology is a skin care formula analysis technology, the enterprise only need to provide samples, professionals can analyze the samples, to obtain the basic formula, and give Suggestions to recommend, debugging; After obtaining formula companies, after debugging can produce a fairly to the sample product. This is for OEM enterprises tailored solutions, just make up for the existence of this kind of enterprise itself insufficient r&d technology, research and development costs, cycle is long, etc.

2, guarantee product research and development innovation ability

because of the addition of more and more OEM enterprises, also will be more competitive, to product development innovation ability and the ability of technical development OEM enterprises will be the first choice of the cosmetics products business, but also promote the cosmetics OEM to ODM enterprise transformation.

3, product segmentation processing, focus on casting for the long-term development

can split products processing, foundry enterprises focus on each segment section, intensive cultivation, to do small business is light, it can be focused energy, in its own area to achieve long-term development and breakthrough, is the key to long-term development.

4, strengthening the service module

OEM cosmetics industry in China is the product of the market demand, will be with the development of the market demand and growth. At present, in view of the domestic cosmetics manufacturer OEM market demand in order to don't understand the technology, how to manage the customer, at the same time, they are products of equipment needed for production conditions, technics and quality control method without too many requirements, such as strengthening the service is that you have this need OEM enterprise development direction.

division of labor is the trend of social development, China's cosmetics industry in the future development road, production and sales of the separation is inevitable trend. XJ Beauty is ready to do the cosmetics OEM we constantly increase the strength, the future we are the best!

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