The future development of cosmetics glass container

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
Cosmetics glass container is different from the other big characteristics for canned or paper container is can clearly see that the content of transparency. But it is because of this, the light is easy to through the container, and cause contents metamorphism and degradation. Ultraviolet (uv) had a great influence on the content, in particular, it is an urgent need to develop a colorless, transparent and can block uv glass containers. Foreign developed a called UVAFlint can absorb ultraviolet light colorless transparent glass, can solve this problem. In order to adapt to the demand of the market, more and more customers for colour and shape of the glass container and label put forward many varieties, such as multi-functional, the requirement of small batch. It is in this situation, the coating film glass containers. The coating film glass container also has the following advantages: can prevent collision between container friction cause damage on the surface of the glass bottles and so on; Can cover glass container original small wounds, increase the compressive strength of the container by more than 40%. Cosmetics glass container quality, easy to broken, in order to improve its competitiveness and realize the lightweight, high strength of the glass container is a development direction. To reduce the refractory stones, must choose high quality refractory materials. Porosity in general, refractory materials, structure, density, microstructure uniformity, laying quality, melting temperature, the glass itself, alkaline degree, melting layers, types and so on all have close relation with the materials. Common refractory material for aluminium siliceous stones such as mullite, nepheline, leucite, etc. Along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, a kind of container is also called 'ecological glass bottle' glass containers of important development direction in the future. In recent years, the international market on the demand of glass packaging container while a downward trend in integrity, in order to adapt to the fierce competition in the international packaging market, foreign some cosmetics glass container manufacturers and scientific research departments to continuously introduce new equipment, adopting new technology, make the manufacture of glass cosmetic containers made a lot of progress. 397. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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