The four seasons skin care little common sense

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
There are four seasons in a year, four seasons have different climate, according to different seasons, will have different skin care products, cosmetics today oemXJ Beauty manufacturers share will give you four seasons skin care little common sense, I hope it can help you. The main problem is the sensitive muscle of spring, all kinds of small red itchy rash, swelling of all sorts of hot uncomfortable here. Don't use too much cleaning and chamfer of these things, more sensitive season more easy allergy, eat more contain vitamin c of fruits. Mainly mild spring compensatory nutrition, good care corneous layer. Summer the skin grease is secreted exuberant, pore jams, long blain blain that is inevitable. It is very important to do cleaning effect; Summer is easily lose, want to drink water more, take more exercise, sweating more, make pore garbage metabolism; Face to some, can use cold and hot washing a face alternately. Summer pore is relatively open, after the fall, will naturally closed pores, the pores of the summer waste discharge, pore closure after the closing of the acne occurs naturally. This season, it is recommended that the chamfer a little, can use acne acne needle to clear. Autumn to eat less fat food, normal use protect skin to taste, if they are particularly close, skin care products to reduce. Winter problem: dry and fine lines, desquamate, how to feel dry filling water, apply face film a day or even feel very dry, basic don't open the pores of this season, can use the hot towel apply apply face at ordinary times, this period of sluggish metabolism, apply the face with the hand rub off old cutin, don't forget to fill oil, the skin a good condition is built on the water oil balance, keep the oil in summer. So is given priority to with filling water cleaning, winter skin yield efficiency greatly reduce, your fine lines and dry is likely to be less oil.
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