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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-01
The eu intends to change 'cosmetics' directive I related departments should actively involved in < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:25 < / p> < p> the basic technical regulations on the cosmetics regulation, namely 'cosmetics' directive since introduced, although the time correction, but is still a lot of vague or appear in the wrong context, used in cosmetics, unique physical conditions are extremely complex, expensive and difficult to manage. It also makes the industry regulation compliance burden and beyond the necessary cost, has been displayed on the cosmetics industry leading position in the world. To this end, the commission proposed redesign in the form of 'rewrite' 'cosmetics' directive. < / P> < P> it is understood that as the European Union has just introduced 'about chemical registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of laws and regulations ( ) of the REACH regulation 'The legislative process, the new' cosmetics instruction 'to go through the public consultation and the establishment of the European commission assessment, drafting the proposal, and then in the process of legislative deliberation. On January 12, 2007, the European commission enterprises and industrial one has launched 'consultation paper' on the net, to solicit public opinion. Consulting the object is not limited to members of the European Union, the governments of the world, government agencies, ngos, academic groups and even individuals can fully express their opinions. Public consultation of the deadline is March 16. It is understood that the public consulting mainly all stakeholders ( Industry, consumer organizations, and academia) Just published opinions and Suggestions on the following three aspects: < / P> < P> how can reduce the management cost? In order to reduce costs for the purpose of integration of management and simplify the law; < / P> < P> how to strengthen the cosmetics manufacturer's self assessment and responsibility? In applicable occasions to introduce 'new method', in order to simplify and improve the operation of the law, while maintaining the height of the cosmetic safety; < / P> < P> how to keep makeup a high level of security and all necessary red tape? Strengthen the certain elements related to the chemical safety, especially focusing on the innovation of the cosmetics ingredients ( Including the 'active') 。 < / P> < P> according to concerning personage introduction, on March 16, after the public consultation, the European commission, the relevant departments will responses to the consultation paper are studied carefully, and emphatically from the 'cosmetic instructions' to what extent can be simplified; And imagined by the change of social and economic impact assessment. And then drafted a new 'cosmetics' directive and in the process of legislative deliberation, the personage inside course of study estimates that in 2010 to form a new legal framework. < / P> < P> new 'cosmetics' directive aims to contracted, simplify and clarify the current text, to form a single, concise and effective cosmetics regulation law. In a substantial reduction in accord with the law and implementing the management of the cost at the same time, make it more effective and ensure public health and safety. < / P> < P> it should be stressed that, drafting new 'cosmetics' directive does not offer make any changes to the relevant provisions of the animal testing. Is about 2009 years ago to ban cosmetics animal experiment and 2013 years ago in stages to stop animal testing cosmetics current rules will not change. This animal testing and to reduce and limit of the REACH regulation chemical concepts and requirements are the same. < / P> < P> the European Union, with its strong economic, technical, and legal system construction of foundation, in the process of the technical rules maintain a high degree of transparency and public participation, the process for early intervention of the eu technical regulations in our country, the potential of technical barriers to trade as much as possible in the bud provides a good opportunity. Before joining the world trade organization in our country, our country paid little attention to the process of eu technical rules. To this end, China's enterprises have endured its written technical regulations bring pain. For technical regulations has complete legislative procedure, any struggle may not change the fait accompli. In recent years we have active participation in the eu REACH regulation and set up a successful example. Government and intermediary organizations in our country from the brewing namely follow the laws and regulations, actively involved in, in the public consultation and TBT notification appraisal stage positive opinion and the suggestion, make the eu in the laws and regulations of the final text absorbs the reasonable opinions around the world, including China which brings to the relevant industries in China as large as possible protection. This is a two aspects of the experience and lessons tell us that must pay attention to the technical regulations and revising, as early as possible. In this way, can grasp its reasonable place as early as possible, and make preparations for the corresponding response; More can be found and identify its unreasonable and potential technical barriers to trade, in pairs, multilateral occasions argued, the break and work across technical barriers to trade to the forefront. < / P> < P> here, experts suggest that relevant departments should focus on two aspects: one is the new 'cosmetics' directive will introduce new method 'instructions' mode, it will be reflected in the technical trade measure system technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures and standard three elements of synergy mechanism; Secondly, with the European Union has just passed the REACH regulation problem. < / P> < P> the cosmetics 'cosmetics' directive management is far from luxury. Including product is critical to public health, such as sunscreen, toothpaste and detergents, etc. With the deepening development of China's economic and trade relations with the European Union, cosmetics and related products trade volumes are growing. Therefore, our government, intermediary organizations, relevant enterprises should actively pay attention to and research on new 'cosmetics' directive of consulting documents, early intervention to the eu about the cosmetics regulation instruction formulation process, put forward the corresponding opinions and Suggestions, will likely produce the technical barriers to trade in the invisible. < / P>
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