The effects of low temperature on cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15
For women living in the north, the winter is a tough season, cold but great enemy for skin. In winter, especially in the north of minus 10 degrees, skin care products and cosmetics is likely to be because the weather is frozen into ice! This kind of circumstance also can continue to use? The next XJ let guangzhou Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory to analyze the guys! 1) Low temperature impact on water in the vast majority of skin care products contain water. Minus the low temperature will make the water will freeze and density smaller, bigger volume. Those with glass bottles of toner, if put in water is too full, the frozen after inflation, easily is in danger of bursting. 2) Low temperature influence on emulsified body lotion, cream is emulsified. These products contain moisture not only, still contain oily cent, both by emulsifying agent to form white emulsion. The low temperature will bring stability problem. Water-in-oil products after the frozen, increasing the size of water inside, causing the emulsion breaking, the water seepage inside. While others, such as emulsion products after frozen into tofu, become rough, is emulsion structure changes.
Nowadays, the adoption of cosmetic design in cosmetics solution industry is quite common.
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