The effect of moisturizer and use method

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
should everyone more or less have some, there are many kinds of everyday, cream everyone should not unfamiliar, every day will have all kinds of brand of advertising on TV, today we are a professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer XJ Beauty to say with you a moisturiser efficacy and method of use: cream the biggest effect is moist, clean the skin to the cold winter, the skin will be very dry, and easy to crack, it is the skin the signal of water shortage, everybody to take to maintain your own body, or pain is their own. Good clean can let skin become more thoroughly, light, but also can let the skin behind the product better absorption, not because there is no clean and let the essence nutrition permeate is not in. So a good clean is very important. Cream daub parts: apply to the entire body parts, so you can be at ease use. How to use a moisturizer: after clean, can apply moisturizing cream, daub technique is, don't use the palm of your hand to wipe, should use refers to the belly, a little hard to help massage. With finger abdomen from face to foot all daub, if feel which part is particularly dry, can be appropriate to add some lotion then press with finger bellies knead, to help absorption. Face, hands, legs, feet, is to apply the key parts, because it's easy to withstand the cold wind blowing. In addition, moisturizing products can match some of the other beauty market together, the effect will be double. If you want to be white, can be mixed with some pearl powder together, the result is right. Pearl powder, whitening effect is recognized, in the bath after use, the effect is more obvious. Application facial moisturizer, everybody can try their own lotion belongs to moderate that don't, if moderate can daub on face, of course. But if it is stimulating, suggest or don't apply is in facial ministry. The face daub order began to face the middle blotted out. From nose began to slowly outward daub, efforts to moderate, gently press the face skin, let skin pores better moisture absorption of nutrients.
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