The differences of cosmetics OEM and odm

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
As more and more demand for cosmetics, cosmetics brand more and more, it also makes the processing more and more people want to be a part of the cosmetics manufacturer industry, pie. generation process is divided into OEM and ODM, then follow XJ together to get a small make up to look at the difference between OEM and ODM! OEM products is right off for brand manufacturers, production can only use the brand name, absolutely can't crown producers in their own name and then to production. Mainly manifested in the following three aspects: 1. Technology content is different. Traditional OEM use basic it is foreign technology, almost no its own technology, and new OEM has at least partially had its own technology. 2. Profit distribution patterns are different. Traditional OEM just rely on cheap labor to earn low process cost, and 'new branded' because in its own technology and changed the way profit split and proportion, earning margins contained in the value of science and technology. 3. The future prospects for development are different. Traditional OEM is a learning process, and its prospects for development depends largely on the enterprise can obtain effective technical accumulation, through the learning process and timely transformation of the mode of production and timely 'upgrade' technical level; 'New branded' has entered the stage of the technological innovation, the next stage of its development will be to create their own brands. Actually whether cosmetics manufacturer ODM or OEM cosmetics, these two kinds of mode of production is the trend of the development of the society, may be he has a good brand and a cosmetics manufacturer enterprise research and development team, but the lack of production conditions, you can choose cosmetics OEM. If a cosmetics enterprises lack of research and development team and the productivity, it can choose cosmetics ODM.
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