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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-04
The difference between odm and oem for cosmetic processing what is the difference between odm and oem for cosmetic processing? This is mainly reflected in whether cosmetics manufacturers provide design services. Oem processing of cosmetics means that cosmetics manufacturers only produce according to the requirements of brand owners. However, odm processing of cosmetics refers to the participation of cosmetics manufacturers in product design and planning. The difference between odm and oem for cosmetic processing 1. oem for cosmetic processing Oem, original equipment manufacture, translated as original equipment manufacturer. That is, cosmetics manufacturers provide the production equipment and site needed for cosmetic processing. Generally speaking, brand owners have their own formulas and product packaging, and they will require cosmetic manufacturers to carry out a series of cosmetic processing and production business. It is usually divided into incoming material production and non-incoming material production. The method of incoming material production refers to the cosmetics processing customers to prepare raw materials, packaging materials and other materials, after transportation to the cosmetics manufacturers, let the cosmetics manufacturers carry out emulsification processing, filling, packaging and other services. The oem processing business of cosmetics without incoming materials is to enable cosmetics manufacturers to complete all production tasks, including procurement, emulsification, filling and packaging of raw materials. Cosmetics oem processing 2, cosmetics odm processing Odm, original design manufacture, meaning the original design manufacturer. Many small cosmetic brands born now adopt this cosmetic processing mode, and many small brands will adopt the formula and packaging design scheme of cosmetic manufacturers. Because many cosmetic odm processing customers who have just entered the cosmetics industry are usually relatively lacking in funds and resources. Such customers can integrate the business advantages and resources of cosmetic manufacturers, serve your own brand. Cosmetic odm processing 3. Summary of this article: the difference between cosmetic odm and oem is probably the above two points in this article. In fact, the modes of oem processing of cosmetics and odm processing of cosmetics all need to cooperate with cosmetics manufacturers for detailed discussion. The matters in the early stage of cooperation between brand owners and cosmetics manufacturers are slightly different, and there are no big problems with others. As long as they enter the stage of cosmetics production, they are the same.
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