The difference between a sunscreen and segregation frost

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
At any time, sun protection is the key of the skin, prevent bask in segregation frost or sunscreen? A lot of MM are not sure the difference between sunscreen and segregation frost, don't know what to buy sunscreen or segregation frost! Also have struggle with this, if you look at difference between sunscreen and segregation frost. The difference between a, sunscreen and segregation frost 1, segregation frost can prevent bask in segregation makeup. Segregation frost in addition to have sunscreen function, also added antioxidant, whitening ingredients or vitamin ingredients. Compared with standard sunscreen, segregation frost composition is more pure, more easy to absorb, and can prevent the dirty air and ultraviolet radiation on the skin. 2, sunscreen is sunscreen products. Relatively speaking, sunscreen is prevented bask in professional products, sunscreen can not only prevent sunburn skin, also can effectively protect the skin from sunburn. 3, segregation frost is bottom makeup products, mainly to reduce make-up on the skin damage. Segregation frost not only has the effect of sunscreen and isolation of colour makeup effect, segregation frost is bottom makeup product, can deal with daily work prevent bask in segregation. In addition, most isolated products can prevent premature skin aging, reduce make-up on the skin damage. Second, sunscreen and similarity of the segregation frost sunscreen and segregation frost have prevent bask in. Sunscreen effectively prevent the generation of melanin, bask in not black, the sun does not hurt, youth to keep moist. Sunscreen action principle is the skin from the ultraviolet rays. Segregation frost is an important step in the makeup, protect the skin. Segregation frost to ultraviolet (uv) do have isolation effect, and its essence is prevented bask in! Used during segregation frost is used in sunscreen and sunscreen, usually divided into organic sunscreen, physical sunscreen. Organic sunscreen and ultraviolet rays, change the uv wavelength, make originally for the skin harmful uv rays, into a harmless; Is mainly physical sunscreen by refraction principle to block ultraviolet light. Third, whether should use sunscreen or segregation frost? 1, if you have the habit of makeup, use segregation frost. 2, if you are a family office, just to meet with the sun on the way, put some segregation frost can only, no need to apply a layer of sunscreen, when using the computer to wipe dust segregation frost can reduce the damage to the skin. 3, but if you need to stay in strong sunlight for a long time outside, still need to use high multiples of sunscreen to ensure the safety of your skin. Skin care tip: apply sunscreen and segregation frost remember to makeup with sunscreen and segregation frost remember to discharge makeup, especially waterproof product, if the discharge makeup is not complete, segregation frost residual face, clog pores, serious consequences cans be imagined. And segregation frost although marked skin care ingredients, but eventually still bottom makeup is tasted, never as maintain article apply to sleep at night.
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