The depths of the soul of torture which important | cosmetics and boyfriend?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
# interesting gao and boring Daniel wu, who you choose #

nice skins machine-made, the soul of the fun of a

so I choose Daniel wu

which important # # cosmetics and boyfriend

no cosmetics, which come of boyfriend

so I choose cosmetics


object can not

cosmetics you can not do! 2,

cosmetics can use three years

boyfriend? 3,

have boyfriend different cosmetics

you might not boyfriend but NO cosmetics manufacturer


bad to find suits own cosmetics

but both legs of the man and the land is

because it was too simple so next question #

how to recognize the cosmetics contract or #

for woman boyfriend didn't can change again

but bad cosmetics brand quality

then equivalent to a little room for being

as brand agents

looking for a good cosmetics factory is important


field don't middlemen

refused to quality did not guarantee

truth: XJ Beauty has its own two domestic more than 20 years of factory, with high price contract, the quality not saying NO!


whether has r&d base and professional team

single formula?

skin care effect is not obvious?

doesn't have the ability to develop new formula?

truth: XJ Beauty has its own seven research institute, and more than one hundred professional team of experts at home and abroad, with cosmetic line, professional lines, electricity, wechat business and other major brands of channel all worked!


3 laboratory equipment, production equipment, laboratory facilities

decide whether an important factor in research and development of new formula

production equipment of important factors affecting cosmetics handle, appearance

truth: XJ Beauty in addition to pay attention to in talent cultivation, on laboratory equipment, production equipment, the choice of more than 20 years, as always, advanced equipment, to keep pace with The Times!


enterprise calendars, production qualification

determine the plant reliability and product quality

truth: XJ Beauty two factories in China, starting from the end of 90 since the establishment of the world, after more than 20 years of ups and downs, accumulated the massive historical experience!

for you: cosmetics and boyfriend

which is more important? For brands

choose to have the strength of the cosmetics manufacturer co-packer

is in the process of brand development positive solution

for XJ Beauty

in the world all is floating clouds are no cosmetic quality important


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