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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
The department of health for beauty salon equipment voluntary regulation < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:37 < / p> in order to strengthen the government supervision and the ability to respond to medical devices adverse incident, the department of health will be implemented in stages voluntary table columns and the rating system, regulation to concerning the supply of equipment. Laser, the colourful instruments used in the beauty salon, etc. , is expected next year will be incorporated into the control range; Industry insiders worry that the authorities if further tightening regulation, will be on the beauty industry have a big impact. The department of health according to the risk assessment, the medical equipment is divided into high, high, low and medium and low risk of four grades. Department will be the highest risk of instrument list and information release on the net, for public reference. The highest risk of the 4 instruments used in hospitals, more including artificial heart valve, implantable cardiac pacemakers, etc. , about six thousand species, accounting for thirty percent of the medical equipment market. Table column system of voluntary participation is voluntary nature, exporters and distributors may, in accordance with table column system volunteered to list their products to the department of health. Officials also need to make sales record on instrument and set up the tracking and recovery mechanism, in order to track down in Hong Kong sale and distribution of information, so that when the need to recycle. Health countersignature long beam's male thinks, table column system can encourage the industry to declare, and help to master the medical instrument information and in the case of market circulation. System for the future to introduce more suitable management system or prepare for further legislation. But the specific schedule will be depending on the first phase of the implementation situation. Beauty industry look forward to communicate with the authorities for beauty salon used for whitening, laser hair removal instrument regulation, leung ting male, according to the relevant equipment belong to the third kind of high risk medical instrument, office party list later, believe the fastest to administered until the second half of next year. Health department chief doctor Huang Manxia, said authorities have also been established team, the beauty equipment use, scope of application and training operators, etc. , and establish related guidelines. Team members include beauty industry, medical health, training institutions and the cc. The chairman of the federation of Hong Kong beauty industry Ye Shixiong welcomed the table column system, he thinks that help to protect the rights and interests of consumers and users. But for the colour light and laser instruments used in the cosmetic industry should include 'medical devices' category, he is reserved. Beauty equipment used in the industry, he says, is not involved in the medical behavior and effect, if the authorities further tighten regulation in the future, will make great influence on industry; He hope the authorities want to have more communication with the industry, to know the detailed workings of the industry. Cover dental medicine clinic about beauty equipment user training and establish operating guidelines, Ye Shixiong also in favor of the 'users will recognize some use', but guidelines should be conveyed to all users, such as dentists, western medicine clinic, and should not only for the beauty industry. Information source: DaGongWang
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