The cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers to reduce plastic containers smell of shallow method

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-17
Plastic is cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers an important raw material in packaging industry, plastic processing products will gives off an unpleasant smell, in order to overcome this problem, the production of plastic resin processors have long been in the efforts to reduce the odour level. Low odour alternative solutions are: use to replace those unpleasant additive; Reduce the amount of residual monomers in the plastic; Add gas adsorbent in plastic and join the antibacterial agent to prevent those odors produced by bacteria and fungi; And in the process of recycled plastics processing can reduce residual by solvent extraction and exhaust smells. of cosmetics bottles with special detergent solution processing plastic particles can also help to remove odor. In general these cleaners are water-based or alkaline solution containing surfactant. The cleaner can effectively remove the vinyl chloride monomer, styrene, acrylate and acrylic acid monomer and unsaturated hydrocarbon, etc. Objective to confirm smell the first step is to let a group of people to identify whether they smell is divided into a pleasant or unpleasant. According to distinguish group reflect, again with a standard instrument analysis methods such as meteorological chromatography, solid-state spectrum ( 一般事务人员/ MS) Such as to determine the level of the plastic volatiles. But these early instrument analysis system needs to engage in serious evaluation experts to accurate conclusions. New plastic smell detection instrument is a device to be 'electronic nose', it relies on electronic probe dot matrix and pattern recognition technology to work. Instrument operators to heat the samples will release of volatiles lead into the probe lattice to testing, the results displayed in digital mode, and therefore easy to identify the conclusion of team associated. According to the specific requirements, volatile odor can be divided into pleasant, neutral, unpleasant, or in the form of strength and molecular aggregation degree for the report. Waste plastic tend to produce the bad smell. Most recycling plastic packing materials, such as hdpe, pp, PVC and pet, aqueous solution by washing to remove pollutants. But the adsorption is likely to be left inside the plastic smell. Organic solvent extraction method helps to remove the smell of the compounds. A new kind of solvent extraction method is also adopted the supercritical carbon dioxide as a solvent. This technique has been applied on the hdpe and pet, it can remove oil containers, pesticides and other waste odorous pollutants on the device. Carbon dioxide extraction agent is not bring the benefits of organic solvent post-processing of trouble. Odor removal device is a component of waste plastic particles extruder, it can effectively remove some will produce strong smell of volatile compounds. 411. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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