The correct way of using the cosmetics generation processing: BB cream

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
BB cream since the introduction of the concept of its good capability of cover, the skin brightening effect was deeply loved by the love of Beauty is, the characteristics of the soft package easy to carry, being more MM, although the use of the BB cream has been a quite a long time, but really can use it, will it role play to the largest net friend is not many, let's XJ processing Beauty cosmetics manufacturer company combines some outstanding makeup artist's private secrets, usually when using easy appear error, everybody should know more about how to use it: right amount daub to adapt to the skin to best state like all efficient Beauty makeup products, appropriate usage is one of the most important forever, too much of a good thing in Beauty and truth. BB cream is basically don't pick on skin, oily skin but friends to remember: use the BB cream, moderation is the most important. Instead of sunscreen bottom makeup - Step 1 on the market most of the BB cream has good prevent bask in effect, such as M. 一个。 Before C makeup facial sunscreen grooming frost SPF is as high as SPF35, can completely replace sunscreen under general conditions, can also avoid the sunscreen oil caused by acne, adipose bead, etc. Does not take the place of the emulsion suggested use after basic skin care due to a lot of BB cream sufficient moisture content, daily use can supplement the skin moisture, a lot of lazy MM emulsion are directly related to the province, with a BB cream instead of emulsion, actually this is wrong, BB cream or use should be after regular skin care. It make the skin tender and lustrous effects, looks like has just done expensive care. BB cream MIX liquid foundation to build a sense of good color light BB cream on many occasions has showed its moisturizing effect on skin. Although it can't directly instead of emulsion, and covering power of common use, the fluid foundation can play more fully, rich texture of naked makeup effect.
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