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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-01
The correct use of mask way < p> 2017 - 10 - 10 10:18:00 < / p> ( 1) Before using the mask, cosmetics factory in wenzhou recommend testing first, then use, how to test? Will feel a little mask in hand back first, 30 minutes to wash it, check out whether appear strange. There is no red itch to smear on the face after the reaction. ( 2) Before apply face film, you need to face makeup removing, and then wash a face to wash a face with milk, when necessary, also can go to the cutin, facilitate the absorption of facial mask, also avoid dirt, dust into the pores. ( 3) Before washing a face, apply the mask, can with hot wet towel apply is in facial ministry first three minutes, three to five minutes and then throughout the facial massage, it can promote the effect of apply face. ( 4) When complete the above actions can be on the edge of the eyebrows, hair, eyes, lips and other place with some oil, so that you can avoid the mask adhesion on these parts, convenient cleaning. ( 5) Apply face film order should be the neck, chin, cheeks, nose, lips, forehead, respectively is from down to up, need to note that is around the eyes, eyebrows, and on the part of the lower lip is not suitable to apply face film. ( 6) When the mask coating to 20 minutes, then can be torn off, from the bottom up slowly to tear. ( 7) Apply the mask also need to use clean water residue will face clean, if use cold towel apply face can promote the pores. ( 8) To be sure mask shoulds not be too long, the mask will over time gradually dry, make skin tightening, to a certain amount of time will tear the mask. ( 9) Apply face film can according to the instructions for use, the mask is not suit to apply every day, every month to use two to three times. ( 10) Homemade natural facial mask is easy to lose water to harden, are also vulnerable to pollution, bacterium, so one should not make too much, the best is for now.
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