The correct use of eye cream revitalize your fundus

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
Girl's eye week skin especially for thin skin delicate, more than the beauty is facing the aging test in the first place. The processing professional cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to XJ Beauty eye care for the r&d of products is also has a lot of, today we're going to tell everyone about a: eye cream. Eye cream as a specifically for the eye to protect skin to taste, at the time of use have different considerations, and other products. Eye cream with more small molecules to through the thin skin, and the essence cream would not have this kind of effect. Clear cover under stronger absorption ability, this is the essential difference between the eye and essence cream, so it should not be mixed. In the process of applying technique is very important, or massage itself will cause harm to the eye. Use eye cream coated in eye, stomach to click on the way to promote absorption, avoid using push-pull way cause eye grain. Daub the scope includes the whole eye socket dented place, at the moment black rim of the eye and pouch are often the key areas. On the place of eyelid is often ignored, this is the place where eyes at ordinary times need discharge makeup, damage and pigmentation will be more serious, so the eye frost that more will need to repair. Daub after wu on the eyes, with the palm warm feeling will make the active ingredient is more effective. Because of these components play a key role, eye cream, also need to pay attention to don't back after cryopreservation. Before using eye cream need to use make up water to infiltrate the skin cells, active eye cream before full face cream massage, this way of stacking is more advantageous to the skin absorption. XJ Beauty, found some girls for eye cream has a lot of concerns, do not need eye cream is a feel younger, 2 it is to feel eye cream first cannot use too good product. Actually eye frost is not so much the taboo. Before you can start using eye problems, and don't wait for eye obvious grain to begin to remedy. According to their own economic ability to choose a good eye cream, feel little effect when she was younger, but insist for a long time can see the effect. In terms of anti-aging, skin care products has always been only do the effect of delay.
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