The colour and lustre of cosmetics glass container manufacturer how to control

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
Glass is the main food, medicine, chemical industrial packaging container. They have good chemical stability; Easy to seal, good air tightness, transparent, can be observed from the outside of all; Store performance is good. Smooth surface, easy to disinfect sterilization; Aesthetically pleasing, decorative colorful; Has certain mechanical strength, able to withstand the pressure in the bottle and external force in the process of transportation; Raw material wide distribution, price is low wait for an advantage. The downside is quality ( The quality and capacity than the big) , large brittleness, fragile. However the thin-walled lightweight and toughened the new technology of physical chemistry, these shortcomings have been improved significantly, and glass bottles with plastic, iron, tin, under the fierce competition of production increased year by year. Why there are so many disadvantages of glass bottle, the businessman still prefer to use the glass bottle to protect skin to taste? The reasons are as follows: 1, glass composition is relatively stable, not easy and skin care products to produce chemical reaction. Popular point, is to use the glass bottle to protect skin to taste, it is not easy to bad. 2 has advanced sense, glass bottles, stores selling skin care products of the main marketing are the two concepts, level + effect in appearance, transparent glass bottles are often passed on to consumers the feeling of a kind of advanced, and filling some transparent or colored protect skin to taste is very good. Under normal circumstances, the cosmetics glass container coloring is also known as 'carbon sulfur' coloring, but the carbon reduction effect only, not for coloring, really decide to color is one of the sulfur. In glass melt sulfur in sulfides S2 - Morphology and glass raw materials brought about by itself in the iron in the form of Fe3 + coexist, and S2 - Fe3 + ions Ion of the size of the product as a symbol to measure the concentration of color heart, determines the concentration of colored glass shades. For cosmetics glass container, its quality not only depends on the quality of products, and to observe from the outside, so the colour is critical. In order to be able to control the colour and lustre of cosmetics glass container, we will from multiple, considering the surface to because it is limited by a variety of conditions, from raw material quality, raw material proportioning to melted each link will have influence on the formation of a color. Cosmetics glass container so, want to control the stability of colour and lustre, need many reasonable control, multiple element of cosmetics glass container production are strictly controlled. 472. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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