The choose and buy of cosmetics OEM: toner

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
Women in the pursuit of beauty, try every means to maintain the skin, it is inseparable from the choose and buy of cosmetics, especially the key toner. Toner its role is to clean again to resume the ph of the skin surface, and regulate cutin layer, make the skin absorb better, and to prepare for the use of maintain article. But if it is inferior toner, use for a long time will damage to the skin's protective film after injury, as a famous cosmetics OEM processing enterprises, XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. To tell you, how to correctly choose and buy toner: first of all can be picked up the bottle a good shake, shake after watching a bubble. If the bubble exquisite and rich, with a thick covering layer, and lingering, and that is a good toner. If very few bubbles, means less nutrients. If bubbles but more big, contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid cleaning effect is better, but more irritating, allergic to salicylic acid or try not to use the skin is very sensitive. And then look for the price, don't choose the choose a rightness of, a bottle of toner of 10 yuan, good quality, of course, impossible. But when the choose and buy nor superstition and advertising prices. Very expensive toner, not necessarily suitable for you. The high price of many additives, actually don't need your skin. The choose and buy cosmetics, some cosmetics manufacturer you have your reasons, the use of high-grade raw materials is a factor; On the other hand, the original product research and development cycle is long, high cost, development cost is significant. Relatively speaking, imitate, improve faster, cost also is not so high. Natural low cost:) Now everybody do close, spell price, spell marketing, not necessarily lower prices is bad. Don't choose, choose right.
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