The choice of cosmetics OEM: summer cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
Sorching summer, sweating, red, itchy skin is tan, yao made all sorts of sun protection, but still can't make the skin like a winter to be fair. Believe summer cosmetics choice is a lot of MM people have just arrived in the spring, desperately thinking about! So, in the scorching sun of summer, what kind of cosmetics manufacturer OEM products to choose the best? Let's analyze the together! 1, facial cleaning in the summer, we sweat more, if not timely wash sweat, will surely on the way to and from work, stick to a lot of dust, and the office of the electrical equipment such as computer radiation, will give us already overtaxed burden of facial skin, and one more thing, is that we in the summer, wear sunscreen and isolation cream will more, but most sunscreen and isolation cream oily, if you can't completely clear, accumulate over a long period, our skin will appear all sorts of problems, so the face clean is very important. In view of the above reasons, we in the summer can choose a few clean force stronger high foam cleanser, most of the cleansing cream cleanness force strong products, there are some bamboo charcoal series of cleansing product is right choice. Facial corneous layer is very thin, of course, and it's easy to allergy of MMS, or choose a few relatively mild low foam cleanser as well. 2, maintain article have a lot of people know for summer skin problem there is a myth. Sweat so much, that is, summer often oily face, I don't need a hydrating products. In fact, the sweat, the oil is let's see the surface of the problem, the skin still is very need to supplement moisture. So, some refreshing hydrating series is a good choice, such as there are many cosmetics manufacturer brands to launch the plant moisturizing or Marine hydrating series, everyone can have a try, the effect is very good. There is a problem, generally do not like to use facial cream in summer, the most used latex stopped. Actually, if you want to be in the outermost isolation or daub sunscreen, or recommend coating a layer of cream, of course, is not the winter use of that kind of oily creams, there are a lot of water condensation of creams are good options, creams, after all, is a face cream, it has a cream water lock effect, this is the make up water and emulsion can not reach. So, thin water condensation of face cream is summer, lock the secret weapon of the water! So, must pay attention to check whether normal when choosing cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics OEM products, so as to have the effect and use the rest assured!
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