The children's songs also rise in price, what do you think?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14

no, you sing wrong! '

I bear fruit prices

rocketing price of pork I know

property prices also recognized the

I see this I finally collapsed

nursery unexpectedly also increases the

from rose to a penny a

a rise is 100 times

a dime is not worthy of money?

why skip a dime?

a dime don't face?

and wanted to ask

'the boss, you see, when did was give me a raise? '

today price level rising prices

things just close to the life with The Times

many people understand that it is nothing wrong with

price comprehensive rising cosmetics industry price what?

cosmetics have become the main output, a lot of women consumption has been high but price of cosmetics manufacturer, this is mainly attributable to the cosmetics advertising, publicity materials and artificial cost are on the rise.

'raw material price is going up again! '

this is in the upstream industry hear the most nearly two years, a lot of international raw materials are foreign issued price letter, raw material industry' rose 'is already a fact of life.

raw materials prices, will inevitably lead to the production costs rise, the prices of cosmetics products have become inevitable, many consumers feel cosmetics, what reason is this?

1, the price barrier because in the middle of the raw material suppliers and brands have a price barrier - — Foundry enterprise, even may say, is the generation of labor enterprise will digest the pressure of the rising raw material prices.

2, relative advantage to find cosmetics manufacturer generation process, must find a big company, like XJ Beauty of foundry enterprises and between enterprises raw materials have some bargaining power, at the time of purchase of raw material itself has a relative price advantage, and also with raw material supply enterprises to establish a long-term cooperation plan, to ensure raw material supply and price stability.

3, the technology for this

XJ - founder of Beauty, — Mr Yin Weiqun argues that technology is the key to the future survival, cosmetics enterprise competition on price has no future. Through the production cost of the competitive advantage has been more and more small, technology for foundry enterprise to bring the value of will be more and more high. The future both brand and OEM business, the core technology is the key to survival in the future.

this is XJ Beauty: why do you want to set up one of the reasons, science and technology innovation to make the enterprise keep long life.

no matter what age, no matter how much pick up money, credit is always the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. XJ Beauty, as well as create Beauty business area gradually expanding, constantly have new breakthrough, achieved many remarkable achievement, but regardless of cosmetic raw materials, packaging materials, artificial, higher production equipment such as how many money, and Beauty will, as always, to provide customers with quality products and services.

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