The characteristics of all kinds of plastic cosmetic plastic containers are commonly used

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-23
When choosing cosmetic plastic containers, if the various molding methods have a general understanding, is quite good. The characteristics of commonly used cosmetic plastic containers of all kinds of plastic, plastic container is very important to correctly choose cosmetics, because the material of cosmetic plastic containers, determines the basic characteristics of cosmetic plastic containers. Cosmetic plastic containers with the same or similar form, because of the different material, its use could have very great differences in performance. For example, blow molding of polycarbonate bottles and ordinary pet stretch blow molding bottle, have extremely good transparency and gloss, are very similar in appearance, but high temperature resistant performance of polycarbonate bottles highlight ( Can withstand more than 120 ℃ high temperature disinfection) Cut off, but performance is poor; And ordinary polyester stretch blow molding bottle blocking performance is good, but the heat resistance ( Use generally recommend below 60 ℃ temperature) 。 General plastic generally refers to the high yield, wide use, good formability and cheap plastic. There are five varieties, general plastic polyethylene ( PE) And polypropylene ( PP) , PVC ( PVC) , polystyrene, PS) Styrene and butadiene acrylonitrile ─ ─ polymer ( ABS) 。 The five types of plastic takes up the vast majority of plastic materials used, the rest of the basic can be classified as special plastic varieties, such as: PPS, PPO, PA, PC, POM, etc. , their dosage is very few, in the daily life products mainly used in the engineering industry, national defense science and technology and other high-end areas, such as automobile, aerospace, construction, communications and other fields. Plastic plasticity according to its classification, can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic. Normally, thermoplastic products can be recycled again, while thermosetting plastic can't, according to the optical properties of the plastic, can be classified AS transparent, translucent, and opaque material, such AS PS, PMMA, AS, PC belongs to the transparent plastic, and most other plastic is not transparent plastic. Plastics are the main features: first, the density is small, higher than strength, can obtain a higher rate of packed, namely 'unit mass packing volume or packing size. Second, most of the plastic good chemical resistance, good acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to all kinds of organic rong agent, placed for a long time, without oxidation. Third, molding easily, and the forming energy consumption is lower than metal materials such as steel. Fourth, has the good transparency, easy coloring. Fifth, has good strength and unit weight of high strength, impact resistance, easy modification. Sixth, the processing cost is low. Seventh, insulation. Plasticizer can increase the plasticity of cosmetic plastic containers and softness, reduce the brittleness, easy plastic processing and molding. Plasticizer is commonly miscibility with resin, non-toxic, odourless, optical and thermal stability of high boiling point of organic compounds, commonly used is phthalic acid esters. When the production of PVC plastic, for example, if add more can get soft PVC plastic plasticizer, if don't add or less add plasticizer ( Use & lt; 10%) , the hard PVC plastic. With plastic not natural degradability and now has become the no. 1 enemy of human beings. At present also has led to the tragedy of many animals. Animals such as monkeys at the zoo, for example, pelicans, dolphins, will ingest visitors with throw bottles 1, painful death due to indigestion after; Looks beautiful and pure sea, near the look, actually, gone with the wind, crammed with all sorts of unable to oceans contain plastic, intestines in Dead Sea birds more sample, found all kinds of plastic cannot be digested. 427. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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