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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
Beauty salon industry is effective as of this month, hierarchical standard < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:43 < / p> source: on January 3, the information times from relevant departments, since this month, including price, service, qualifications for record and punishment management and a series of content of the hairdressing industry new upcoming 'guild regulations', safeguard consumer interest to operator made a more clear and strict rules. In the beauty salon industry management interim measures, make clear a regulation, beauty salon will implement classification and grading standard, practice the rating system. The implementation of the 'method' will be defined before the consumers to accept beauty salon services, operators must to tell customers service price, at the same time in the process of service shall clearly mark prices on the hairdressing supplies sales. At the same time to the hairdressing supplies and equipment shall be used by show consumers, for consumers to choose to use. Beauty salon when providing the service, an operator shall ask the requirements of customers, provide consumers with true information related to the services, to customers about products, services and other issues, should make a real clear answer, must not cheat and mislead consumers. In addition, the 'method' regulation, beauty salon and sales service of all kinds of shampoo, hair care, hair color, perm and cleansing, skin care, cosmetics and other products and the corresponding equipment, should comply with the relevant national product quality and safety and health regulations and standards, and shall not use or sell fake and inferior products. Competent commercial departments at all levels to disobey the beauty salon operator can give warning, make its deadline to correct; Announced to the public when necessary. On the basis of relevant laws and regulations should be punished, the competent commercial departments at various levels can propose the relevant departments in accordance with the law, punishment.
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