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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
Beauty salon industry and selling cosmetics into the scope of control < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:09 < / p> products and companies selling cosmetics into the scope of control faithless turn before the public, general office of the Ministry of Commerce on implementing the 'interim measures for the hairdressing industry management' ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'interim measures') The notice published on the website. Notice, points out that years of domestic hairdressing industry standardized rules, establish the hairdressing industry service technology, operating rules, standard system in aspects of quality of service, to make hairdressing industry opening conditions and professional hairdressing industry hierarchical industry standard, standard after the implementation of unified deployment. It is understood that this is the first time domestic hairdressing industry standardized regulation, industry 'blacklist' system set up at the same time. Retail cosmetics into the 'blacklist' system as we have learned, at present the Ministry of Commerce is to make hairdressing industry opening conditions and professional hairdressing industry hierarchical industry standards. 'Blacklist' system is not only used in hairdressing industry, according to a recent retail cosmetics market supervision and management problems, in the domestic each big supermarkets and shopping malls selling cosmetics will be along with professional products in beauty parlor incorporated in the 'blacklist' system. Relevant departments on the faithless violations enterprises and personnel should be 'blacklist' of the public, punishment in accordance with the law. The city to implement relevant measures on before the reporter understands from association of hairdressing, beauty salon association is according to the interim measures 'to develop community service industry, cultivating service brand. According to the association of the relevant controller introduces, at present this city has already begun to star beauty parlor efforts, have nearly thousand eligible enterprises, more than 100 listed companies in operation. Association will hierarchical set industry standards. In the future business fraud, use of fake and shoddy products, and false advertising and other illegal ACTS must be included in the 'blacklist', cancel the business qualification in the business. News background according to the Ministry of Commerce, head of business reform and development, beauty salon industry is an important part of residents in our country service industry, to improve people's living standard, increase social employment, expanding service consumption plays an important role. At present, beauty salon industry constantly improve the service level, the market has great potential of development and space. However, part of the enterprise management behavior is not standard, industry management does not reach the designated position, has affected the hairdressing industry healthy and orderly development. Source: city search
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