The beauty industry's understanding of 'anti-aging 'has changed

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-09
A large number of new words such as Slow Age and Age Perfect appear. People's understanding of aging is changing. With the arrival of the aging era, in addition to preventing aging, there is also another 'Aging is also beautiful' understanding. Compared with anti-aging, the beauty makeup industry, which has been continuously introducing anti-aging products for a long time, has shown a trend of concentrating on natural aging. The characteristic of this trend is not to use numbers as the criterion for judging skin beauty, but to give meaning to natural skin itself, compared with makeup products that cover skin wrinkles, I prefer makeup products that suit my skin color. Compared with the preference for lifting effect, I pay more attention to skin care products that maintain moisturizing state. These are representative trends. It can be seen everywhere in the world to replace anti-aging words that express women's aging and have negative meanings, michelle Lee, editor-in-chief of Allure, a world-renowned fashion and beauty magazine, announced that she would no longer use the Word' anti-age' since August, which has attracted attention because the word 'anti-aging' conveys that aging is the object of attack, in fact, the cover of the latest issue of Allure magazine in September is the 72-year-old British famous actor and Oscar winner Helen Mirren (Helen Mirren) She also made her own beauty speech on anti-aging. In order to reverse the understanding of true beauty, some brands are carrying out promotion activities containing relevant information. SK- II this year, The video of 'The Expire Date' was released, and The campaigns of '# never expire' and 'Age is not valid' were launched, it conveys the message that no one can measure and evaluate a woman by age. Before as changing fate (Change destiny)One of the series of promotional activities, SK- II last year's promotion pointed to China's marriage market, which showed the social pressure that China must get married before the age of 25, as well as the fear and distress that women of a certain age are labeled as leftover women have aroused heated discussions in China and all over the world. In beauty brands, it is often seen that other words are used instead of the word anti-aging. VICHY uses 'slow age' instead of 'anti-aging '; Dove uses' Pro age', Olay uses' Age- Defying', L 'Or é Al replaced the word 'anti-sun-old' with 'Age Perfect. Esthederm's brand philosophy is' AGE Beautiful'. In fact, all the products of this brand are focusing on strengthening the skin's own strength instead of anti-aging. Brand founder Jean- When explaining the brand philosophy, Noel Thorel said, 'I don't design products for beautiful women, because they are already very beautiful, and age cannot represent beautiful women, all women have inherent beauty in every moment. Victoria Buchanan, a consumer strategy researcher at the Institute that predicts future trends, said to these phenomena, 'the word' anti-sun aging 'is not a very popular word for millennials, the key word of preventing aging has been losing its effectiveness for several years. Today, the trend of positive energy and self-confidence, mental and emotional health is becoming a popular trend. '
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