The application of cosmetics factory: aloe in cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
The processing cosmetics manufacturer tell you: aloe have a series of active ingredients, the treatment of a variety of proven by clinical efficacy. Aloe vera has a variety of nutrition composition, have nourishment skin function. Aloe vera has a variety of carbohydrates, polysaccharide, amino sugars, organic acids, is a natural moisturizer. Aloe vera has good compatibility, can cooperate well with BeiZhong cosmetics manufacturer raw material, and can eliminate a variety of surfactant on the skin damage. LuKui in compatibility, has a good stability. For these reasons, the application of aloe vera on cosmetics has the following characteristics: one is with the function of anti-inflammatory sterilization, can effectively eliminate acne and acne. Second, has the ability of uv and radiation, can be used in sunscreen products and resistance to radiation protection products. Three is a treatment for burns, burns, wounds, wave function of skin ulcer, boil, and leaving no scar, can be made into medical health protection products and remove scar and other beauty products. Four is has the function of eliminating oral diseases can make care of toothpaste, and eliminate bad breath. Fifth, anti-inflammatory sterilization, the arthritis, eliminate the function of the roughness of the skin, but make it shower gel, soap and other cleaning skin care products. Six is a function of nutrition with hair, hair, hair care products can be made into series, such as shampoo, hair gel, hair cream, hair care, water, etc. Six is to have a variety of nutrients, can be made into a variety of nutrition cream, liquid cream, night cream, etc. Eight is to have a variety of biological moisturizing ingredients, can make moisturizing cream. Nine is aloe vera contains a variety of can eliminate superoxide since composed of base components, can delay aging and removing chloasma, but make it green cream, essence, etc. Ten is oil soluble products can be used in products such as lipstick, hair cream, wax. 11 is a man with cream, cream, aftershave, after in order to protect the skin damage caused by shaving shaving. Want to make the skin white tender, elastic, anti-aging, is the request of modern people for beauty make-up. So, how can delay the aging? This should speak of from the cause of aging. Nearly ten years since the base of theory, is the body's aging theory, since the base damage in the body of a large component is oxygen from the base bow; The damage. Superoxide since the base which is reactive oxygen species, reactive oxygen species and the circulation of the blood system damage to the skin is the largest, are the main causes of aging. Skin aging reflected in rough, dry wrinkles, loss of elasticity of the skin and light loading age spots. Limbs, such as arthritis. The ageing of the circulatory system, mainly reflected in various cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis, thrombosis, heart problems and high blood pressure, etc. Aloe vera contains superoxide dismutase (sod), SOD) And catalase, which can make the super oxide from by disproportionation and decomposition, thereby to remove it. In addition, aloe vera contains vitamins every lie prone in carotene, half jams as well as a large number of minerals, amino acid, the presence of those substances can make superoxide since by well clear. So, aloe products internal and characterized by health and enhancing immune function; For external use only, can achieve the purpose of beauty, the spot, postpone skin aging.
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