The advantages of cosmetics OEM and processes

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
OEM advantages as follows: the factory advantage: has the comprehensive standard industrial park GMPC dust-free workshop, the ISO 22716 standard pipelining cosmetics manufacturer, green production, Safe, harmless, environmental protection) , production of raw materials, packaging products, the sustainable development of green supply chain. Advantage of development: from the management is suitable to the production personnel and technical personnel, can take full control of product quality, pay attention to product details, strengthening production line; Resource advantage: cosmetics generation processing to the idea of 'organic agriculture' has developed a variety of organic skin care products, began to provide modern women with 'pure natural, safe, useful' cosmetics manufacturer. Breathing plant colour makeup. OEM process: 1. Customer demand for the supply of products and development ( Function, scale, market positioning) , estimate the product cost and other cost; 2. Business and development department shall be carried out according to the customer's product requirements and price products proofing. 3. Both sides exchange samples, the contract agreement of payment. After the deposit payment, packaging materials and production plan. 4. The customer request to confirm product, can be in to the signature of the final product and confirmed before production; 5. On time delivery, the customer must pay the remaining money to pick up the goods, if the goods is not correct, big goods should be received within 7 days after the inspection on the goods and reply.
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