The advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic generation processing at home and abroad

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03
Processing for a long time, cosmetics in China has 30 years of development, can say now has reached a mature stage gradually, free competition and market transparency, every customer want to find a formal manufacturers to produce their own products, will find foreign cosmetics foundries in China, will also be looking for the processing of domestic cosmetics factory. Founded in 2006, XJ Beauty in the generation of processing the cosmetics manufacturer company has a lot to say, there is no doubt that there was significant at home and abroad, in so many years of doing business on the road, for the market research, summed up a lot of precious experience. This is an essay to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of domestic and foreign cosmetics manufacturer generation processing: domestic cosmetics generation processing advantages: 1, the processing of domestic cosmetics factory salesman say that the customer is god, basic is only from the customer, as long as the customer's requirements are reasonable, can meet. 2, the minimum quantity of an order for the domestic factories, most of them are not much requirements, and the goods time will be soon, as long as the packaging material in place the basic ship is also a week or so. Faults: 1, the domestic cosmetics can be implemented automated factory is relatively less, basic it is semi-automatic, production line more factory also has, of course, after all, in the processing of domestic cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer base is very big. 2, research and development ability is bad, the current domestic factory or at the stage of imitation, but to believe that with the passage of time, the home also can appear some have the strength to do the research and development of the factory. Foreign cosmetics generation 1, basic processing advantages are automatic production line, of course, there are some products is semi-automatic 2, research and development ability are much better than domestic, have special market strategy, specialized cosmetics research institute, subdivide cosmetics category, research lip products, facial mask, air cushion, emulsion type and so on. 3, foreign cosmetics contract quality reliability is higher than domestic weakness: relatively speaking, there is no domestic salesman service attitude. Selected customers often happen. Is high to the requirement of customers, but also need to is a famous brand, to cooperation. The goods time, relative is longer, because the corresponding process will be some more, factory labor cost and packing cost is higher than the domestic side, the industrial make-up semi-finished products chemical raw materials, are the same but higher than domestic prices, packaging material cost too higher than domestic, packaging the arrival of the goods only suits own factory production cycle is long, not must choose a big factory. To suit the rhythm of its own brand, with oneself, this factory is also a choice.
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