Ten ace 'ageing' ingredients, let you stay young women do not age

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11

you did not think of is: 95 after early has already entered the old stage! Feel not young enough, entered the aging line. If after 25 years old is not a sense of anti-aging, so these areas: eyes, mouth, forehead, neck, chest, traces 'senescence' will accompany you through spring and summer and autumn/winter. XJ Beauty on anti-aging, numerous products for many customers regain young attitude. Small make up today to introduce ten ace 'ageing' ingredients, let you stay young women do not age.

1。 Lycopene

lycopene has a certain effect of whitening fight decline, it can form a layer on the surface of the skin that we protect the barrier, can help skin to resist uv, copy less reduction in the daily radiation damage to the skin, and it has the effect of scavenging free radicals than other carotenoids and vitamin E, in preventing aging and light on antioxidant capacity than in polyphenols.

2。 Peptides ( Peptides)

the peptide was originally in the polypeptide is used directly in the product, some European and American medicine makeup effect mechanism similar to the mechanism of protein, can promote the hyperplasia of collagen and elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid, improve skin moisture, increase skin thickness and reduce the appearance of fine lines. XJ Beauty also have many products increased the polypeptide composition, and feedback are good oh! ( Note: peptide mild nature, only insist on to work. )

3。 Astaxanthin

natural shrimp green element ( Natural shrimp red element) Is one of the world's most powerful natural antioxidant, it can effectively remove oxygen free radicals in the cell, enhance the capacity of cell regeneration, balance the body and reduce the accumulation of senescent cells, by inside and outside to protect healthy cells and DNA, thus protecting your skin health.

4。 Vitamin C

the loss of collagen is the main factor of wrinkles, and vitamin C can promote the synthesis of collagen, and through a proline into hydroxy proline coenzyme, thereby promoting the formation of collagen, the appearance of fine lines, sagging skin.

5。 Second crack yeast

two crack yeast fermentation liquor can inhibit activity and can promote the DNA repair, effectively protect skin from uv damage, help prevent light aging epidermis and the dermis. Second crack yeast fermentation product soluble spore content also produces including vitamin B group, minerals, amino acids and other beneficial skin care of small molecules, can strengthen the metabolism of the stratum corneum, has the function of whitening, anti-aging, which are rich in nutrients, have the functions of nourishing skin.

6。 Arbutin

alpha type on tyrosinase activity inhibition of about 10 times stronger than the beta type, whitening effect is more than 15 times stronger, but also has obvious antioxidant function. Its structure is stable, so widely used in skin care products. XJ features Beauty 'whitening and remove freckle cream' also added 'arbutin ingredient, welcome Mr. Kind understanding!

7。 Retinol

retinol is also called a alcohol, there are also known as vitamin a, is a kind of fat-soluble alcohols, has the function of regulating the metabolism of epidermis cutin and anti-aging. Can reduce sebum overflow, fade skin pigment, protect the epidermis layer of mucous membrane from damage.

8。 Hyaluronic acid,

sodium hyaluronic acid - — Is not only the moisturizer, the viscosity of sodium hyaluronate solution has strong flexibility and lubricity, can form a layer of moisture breathable membrane on the surface of the skin, keep skin moist luster. Small molecule hyaluronic acid can infiltrate into the dermis, promote the blood circulation, help skin to absorb nutrients, anti-wrinkle effect.

9。 Bose for

bose for anti-aging ingredient is a kind of activity, the INCI name: 【 Hydroxypropyl pyran 4 hydrogen alcohol 】 , often used in skin care products, can directly affect the skin throughout the extracellular matrix of the three layer structure, can promote the connection of the epidermis and the dermis type VII collagen formation.

10。 Vitamin E

what is vitamin E, vitamin E is actually a kind of alpha Tocopherol bioactive substances. Is a powerful antioxidant function, can also play a very good whitening effect.

XJ Beauty since its inception has been focused on aging, and aging is the root cause of cell activity and a reduction in the ability to split and create Beauty, from the perspective of the genetic resistance to failure, repair damaged cells, activate cells. On anti-aging and beauty are also often used more than ten 'ageing' ingredients, helps many consumers do not age woman, youth permanent.

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