Tell you segregation frost cosmetics factory, calculating do not calculate cosmetics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
Many girls will use segregation frost before makeup, what is not belong to cosmetics manufacturer? Segregation frost is a important item protect the skin. Segregation frost to ultraviolet (uv) do have isolation effect, its essence is prevented bask in. Used during segregation frost is used in sunscreen and sunscreen, usually divided into organic sunscreen, physical sunscreen. So, what role does the segregation frost? use segregation frost, calculating do not calculate cosmetics manufacturer? Segregation frost function: 1, isolation makeup makeup every day where skin will not be good, cosmetics manufacturer on the skin damage is known. And the effect of segregation frost is made with isolated skin cosmetics, do a layer of protective film. In fact, segregation frost is an important step in the makeup, protect the skin. If you don't use segregation frost bepowder bottom, can let foundation block pore damage skin, also easy to produce commonly known as 'eat' foundation falls off phenomenon. But don't think that if the segregation frost, everything is all right, if not carefully discharge makeup, clean, the skin will also be destroyed. 2, some prevent bask in segregation frost is not sunscreen function, can only play a 'dust' effect. But most segregation frost have certain SPF, thus has certain anti-uv function. In general, SPF15 segregation frost can deal with daily work prevent bask in segregation. 3, adjust the skin color of different skin color and skin, need different colors of segregation frost to adjust the color of skin. Green segregation frost is suitable for slant red skin and acne skin. In contrast to the partial red skin green and blue, make the skin appears white. Purple segregation frost for yellow skin and pale skin. Dark yellow skin and coated with purple segregation frost, make the skin appears bright. So we can know, segregation frost, and belong to cosmetics, after all, a layer of protective film, so you don't off, also won't fall!
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