Teach you to distinguish the ingredients and effects of eye cream

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-14
People say that eyes are the windows of the soul. One's heart can be seen from one's eyes, and one's age can also be seen from one's eye skin. Therefore, for eye care and maintenance, is the top priority. However, there are all kinds of eye care products on the market. For friends who don't know, there will really be difficulties in choosing. Today, XJ editors will teach you how to facilitate the composition and function of eye cream, just take a seat and choose the eye cream that suits you. Ingredients such as soy lecithin and wheat germ oil mainly contain softening factors and serine moisturizing to moisturize and activate the skin and reduce the dryness of the eye skin. Pure Vitamin A, a component, acts on the deep layer of the skin, can timely regulate the keratinization process of skin cells, promote the skin to generate collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and can effectively remove fine lines and smooth wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. Multivitamin, a component that maximizes vitamin efficiency and increases skin firmness and gloss. Hydrolyzed silk protein, this ingredient protects the skin from dehydration and dryness, and gives the skin a smooth feel. Vitamin E Ester is an ingredient that can resist oxidation, prevent skin from being damaged by the external environment, and help skin smooth fine lines. Pure Vitamin E is a component that acts on the deep layers of the skin, effectively moisturizing and hydrating, making the skin around the eyes more supple and soft. Chamomile extract, aloe vera extract, these ingredients have the effect of soothing congestion, can relieve eye fatigue and eye swelling. Fake leaf tree ingredients, this ingredient can promote the blood circulation of the skin, prevent and eliminate the effect of dark circles. Rose essence, this ingredient has a good drainage effect, which can prevent and reduce eye edema caused by water accumulation. Vitamin A derivatives (A ester) This ingredient can increase the synthesis of skin collagen and improve the texture of the skin. Plant molecules, which are water-locking factors extracted from natural plants, can consolidate the long-term water-locking effect of the skin and prevent the loss of moisture in the skin. The compound amino acid contains serine, arginine, glycine, Bran and other amino acids. It is a natural moisturizing factor contained in the stratum corneum of the skin. It has fine molecules and can strengthen the moisturizing effect of the skin. This ingredient of shea butter mainly contains natural phytosterol, which has the effect of repairing peeled and damaged skin, and at the same time gives the skin a long-term moisturizing degree. These ingredients are the main ingredients of the eye cream. When we choose the eye cream, we can first look at the product ingredients, and then select the products suitable for our skin, in this way, the ideal maintenance effect can be achieved. Skin care is not a play, not blind, blind care can not only achieve the desired improvement effect, but the use of uncomfortable products will cause irreparable damage to the skin.
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