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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-15
Women as the mainstay of the contemporary consumer market, with the psychological, cognitive and exquisite, emotional, good self consciousness is strong, good at lenovo, compare to show off the psychological characteristics. Based on the characteristics of their consumption psychology, cosmetics container design should make full use of colour is lenovo's rule, fully meet the beauty of the female heart, superiority complex, vanity, highlight their personality and value, thereby promoting cosmetics consumption rising. Packaging is not only a carrying containers of goods, but also a means of stimulating consumption, guide consumption. Now cosmetics container is not only to exert the function of the physical function of protecting goods, to play its psychological function that is more cause the attention of consumers, more to the aesthetic level of development, the consumer. In terms of the cosmetics market, the main consumption group is given priority to with women, therefore, fully understand the psychological characteristics of female consumers, their consumption psychology for packaging design, is of great significance for improving product sales. 1. To seek the outstanding. Beauty of life is not a heart, which is especially strong on female consumers. In the process of buying, women can beautify life, adornment sex is strong, modelling is chic, fashionable products. In the process of women's memory, has a strong emotional memory. Has the appreciation value, beauty products, therefore, often can form a strong stimulus to them, so that they can't help generate excitement, affecting their shopping, and then produce a desire to buy or possession, to lay the ground for the realization of the purchase behavior. 2. With a strong emotional cognition is exquisite, decisions. Female consumers emotional is exquisite, meet interesting, prone to purchase desire, also easily affected by the surrounding environment, forming the purchase decision quickly. Women buy decisions, is vulnerable to intuitive impression, and the temptation of commodity appearance. Commodity packaging is beautiful, bright window display, good shopping environment and so on all can provoke female consumers to positive emotion, generation buys desire. 3. Compare to show off the psychological more strongly. Show off the psychological is shopping to display own a superman in mental state, is one of the psychology of the love of beauty and fashion. Contemporary women, especially middle-aged and young females with higher family income, like comparing ourselves with others in life, always want more than their colleagues, relatives and friends live better, more comfortable, more rich. Cosmetics container is only part of the cosmetics 'appearance', design good although these 'appearance' to attract women consumers, but the important thing is the quality of the cosmetics. Remind those cosmetics manufacturers, therefore, must be 'xiuwaihuizhong' is likely to gain a foothold in the fierce competition in the cosmetics industry. 514. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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