Talk about the characteristics of the cosmetic plastic containers made of different materials

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
At present domestic cosmetics container is divided into a lot of material, PE, PET, PETG, PMMA, AS, PS, PP, etc. , and glass, the production technology of different material is different, the cost is different also, the effect of the product also has the very big difference. The following all material is given priority to with domestic raw materials, import effect is not the same, the gap is too big, the requirement of different quality has the very big difference. Due to the makeup of the cosmetics bottles, containers can let consumers to see the content clearly, so the consumer demand for transparent PP plastic container is more and more widely, and the main material of transparent polypropylene is to meet this requirement. The development of pp transparent bottles is a hot topic at home and abroad in recent years, plastic packaging. High transparent polypropylene containers ( PP plastic) Strong, has the good transparency and gloss, appreciating, popular. PET is polyethylene terephthalate oxalic ester, PETG is polyethylene terephthalate - 1. 4 - Cyclohexane 2 methyl ester. Compared with PET for more than 1. 4 - Cyclohexane two methanol comonomer, therefore its performance compared with PET, has its own uniqueness. In the field of the actual often supplies, PET is mainly used for packaging of all kinds of beverage container, such as nongfu spring kind of pure water bottles, bottles of coke. PETG used in all kinds of lasting commodities, such as cosmetic plastic bottle, perfume bottle, medicine packaging container and so on. PETG compared with PET, the more transparency, better chemical resistance, better oil resistance, corrosion resistance, Yellowing) Performance is better than PET. PETG purchasing cost is 2 - PET Three times. Buy cosmetics bottles, with the PETG is better choice. Zhongshan na plastic products co. , LTD in zhongshan is a member of the plastic bottle packaging industry, has five advantages in the industry of plastic bottles: it is a professional team, the second is the advanced production equipment, three is a rich experience in mold design and development, four is the service concept of all take the customer as the center, five is a mold development and production of patent protection for the customer brand image is not affected. 456. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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