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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
Many people think that medicine makeup with a word 'medicine', will drugstore to medicine, and some don't know my skin, also don't know medicine makeup taboo, follow the trend, the results and damage your skin health. So the processing cosmetics manufacturer to tell you, medicine makeup not as a medicine, but a professional strong to protect skin to taste, the equivalent of 'an intermediate product' between drugs and cosmetics manufacturer, developed the drugstore is for sensitive skin, skin damage, skin special populations, such as weak makeup and drug production is produced according to pharmaceutical standards, this is a very strict, composition very gentle skin care products. Medicine makeup formula to streamline, not contain the composition such as pigment, flavor, preservatives and surfactant, and the formula must be fully open, all its effective composition content is higher, and specific than some care product effect is better, are through medical literature and dermatology clinical medicine makeup tests prove that contain active ingredients, and safety performance, and can not contain sensitization source. What are in the process of using medicine makeup, error: 1, medicine makeup contains low sensitivity not cause allergic reactions. Low sensitivity to propaganda, is under the condition of normal after repeated stick a skin test, to determine whether there is the possibility of allergies, but there are a lot of cosmetics manufacturer companies will not do so, so people who claim that the low sensitivity of cosmeceuticals is likely to cause skin irritation. 2, cosmeceuticals, no preservatives in addition to like vaseline oil cream, the rest of the cosmeceuticals will contain preservatives, so this doesn't make sense. 3, cosmeceuticals can improve skin firmness. Skin cosmeceuticals generally does not really deep muscle layer of muscle contraction, the majority of cosmeceuticals or mask most is to improve skin smoothness, color and texture. Actually not everyone is suitable for use makeup, no matter what type of skin before using medicine makeup must understand its composition, and see if it fit. Note: this article from the network, the copyright belongs to original author, if there is any infringement please contact deleted.
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