Surprised ~ ~ our male love makeup, male cosmetics market potential

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-26
is never lack of market, no matter male or female, contribution to the cosmetics are obvious to all. Especially in the past two years, the male cosmetics manufacturer market scale, global men love 'face', and more and more men in China is no exception. Once man makeup is considered 'niang', now men began to pay attention to its image management in our country, more and more men begin to wear makeup.

the rising income for the male cosmetics consumption provides money to support. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2018 the per capita annual disposable income of 28228 yuan, an increase of 8. 7%. Incomes rise, the male cosmetics consumption more capricious, so I want to do male cosmetics brand to action, and the processing looking for cosmetics, now is a good time.

male consumption era, under the media hype, white comely with feminine flavor 'fresh meat' little dog 'milk', set, instead of very tough, uncle, bullying, President of the male image, become women to be bestowed favor on newly. Men, to please the women dressing change its image catering to women, XJ Beauty series, there are many men said: after many brand generation of processing products sold very hot.

why do male cosmetics manufacturer market is good? Potential male cosmetic market in China

according to the days; Cat appearance level economic report shows that 2019, 2018 men Tmall platforms cosmetic brand number year-on-year growth of 56%. In men's 2018 purchase of all cosmetics manufacturer, men buy men BB or CC cream (4%), up 185% from 2017. Men and eyebrow pencil accounted for 1%, 214% higher than in 2017. Men cosmetics sales surged, indirect evidence China's men's cosmetics market has huge potential.

at present, most of the domestic brand cosmetics on r&d to women as the main direction, its internal components tend to be more female cosmetics, function is given priority to with white spot, moisturizing on appeal. Men to a serious shortage of products, not only small variety, function is too simple. Male cosmetics market demand is big, male cosmetics into new nuggets market.

so do cosmetics brand, don't just stare at women in the market, to know that many brand shop is out of the man skin care series, nivea is basically a man now is given priority to, all want to do men's cosmetics market, looking for a generation of processing, select XJ Beauty.

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