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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-25
Inaccurate sunscreen instrument method should determine the < p> 2017 - by the human body 03 - 16 13:24:45 < / p> the weather gradually hot, sunscreen and became the essentials in the small ladies handbags. But maybe you don't know, sunscreen the SPF value may also be marked on the outer packing with moisture. According to the information from domestic cosmetics experts, in accordance with the provisions of the state, sunscreen of SPF can only can be measured in 'human', but it is understood that individual cosmetics companies may still 'instruments' used in the determination of SPF, although this method is simple, the measured value might be, and there are differences between the 'human'. Because of the different numerical SPF sunscreen applied to different light conditions, SPF not might let the user choose inappropriate sunscreen. A few days ago, China association of flavors cosmetics industry consultant Zhang Dianyi said in an interview with reporters, 'human' is testing draw two piece of skin on the body, including a daub the need to detect sunscreen, in the same band under ultraviolet light, were compared on two pieces of skin erythema dose, which sunscreen of SPF value are obtained. In order to guarantee the universality of the determination results, will do the same in different crowd determination, finally it is concluded that a comprehensive value. And 'instruments' are using special measuring instrument. 'Machines can't compared to the skin,' said Zhang Dianyi, two methods of determination of the data may be different. Therefore, in 2002, the ministry of health issued 'sunscreen cosmetics SPF ( SPF) Determination method ', has been clear about the detection of sunscreen cosmetics can only be 'human'.
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