Summer skin care these pitfalls

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
Summer always feel skin oil, the feeling is how to protect skin skin condition is not ideal. Sister, this time you should reflect on their own skin care method is a problem. Editing today tell you about the summer skin care a few misconceptions, to see how many you're stepping in. Crammer 1: the weather is too hot, greasy skin, protect skin to taste is not absorbed, use white also use! The truth: the skin more oil shows that the shortage of water, water and oil imbalances caused by! Often give you sweating skin not lack of 'illusion', but in the sun, air conditioning room, and even the sunscreen always take skin moisture, fat just appearance. If you feel fat, can choose relatively relaxed moisturizing gel or lotion. Lie 2: hot day always feel greasy skin, use cold water to wash the face several times. Truth: too cold water temperature can lead to dry skin can cause skin vasoconstriction, loss of elasticity, the skin nourishing is very bad. Appropriate water temperature should be around 34 ℃, try with the hand there is a warm feeling, but you don't feel very hot. Also should choose the clean face product, do not think that the pursuit of high strength of cleansing, good cleanser after cleansing should make the person feels tight or greasy! Lie 3: the original skin care products don't have to change, in the summer with a less two good! The truth: each person's skin will be change in different season, especially in the summer and winter temperature and humidity difference is so big. You select the skin care products according to the change of seasons, in general, the summer due to sweat more, use more relaxed, accusing oil products, and how to use moisturizing performance due to the relatively dry in winter products. Lie 4: use the sunscreen that did not give out a few years ago. The truth: to keep in mind is: expensive products for a long time also reduced! ! ! Date of sunscreen may prevent bask in the effect is only half of very long time, and last year after opening the use of my sunscreen, effectiveness may be less than 30%. So only buy fresh goods, and finished as soon as possible, but also pay attention to protect skin to taste the location of the place, to avoid light to avoid heat, can ensure that your sunscreen truly effective. Truth lies 5: do not apply body lotion: summer stay in air conditioning room, most of the time body surface moisture loss a lot of, also need filling water, not to mention you also want to white! Don't want to face and body are the two colors is darling used his body milk up yo. Crammer 6: something fine spray a mineral water spray in the office. The truth: if the number of spray too much in an air-conditioned room, the effect is not good, not only may blot moisture skin, let skin into a vicious cycle of dry. Right is carrying water spray, spray spray can regularly supply moisture to the face, relieve skin tension.
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