Summer skin care must pay attention to many a myth?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
No 1, so easy to perspire, skin moisturizing hydrating the truth: the sun, the moisture in the central air conditioning will take you into the summer, always sweat a lot of water to the skin of the 'illusion', but in fact the sun, air conditioning room, and even the sunscreen will take all the time the skin moisture, so hot summer you can not abandon moisturizing hydrating, and even to ascend. Apply moisturizing hydrating supplement hydrating mask, not only make the skin feel comfortable, also let moistening moisturizing. Tips: only when skin is exposed to very damp circumstances, to avoid sensitive, nutrient elements can be a complete digestion and absorption. 2, usually short and concise prevent bask in segregation is the truth: the city of 'light' more easy will you find that push the old product research and development authority, not only in big cities have radiation, ultraviolet light will continue to be based on high-rise buildings wall, shop road surface, such as car windshields, from each bearing light skin. Authoritative experts also found that, not only can the sun will hurt the skin, also contain other nine kinds of common light source in the room. Compared to the beach to tan skin hurts the sun, and the 'light' of the city will you push old more easily. Tips: prevent bask in segregation in big cities not only can take nothing for granted, also want to select the goods of prevent bask in segregation of UVA ascension, can more reasonable uv resistance to big cities. 3, home water clean face great blasting the truth: the temperature of the low temperature can cause the skin dry, lack of temperature low temperature ductility and overtemperature is bad to the maintenance of skin, temperature low temperature ( 20 ℃) of the following Despite the convergence effect for the skin, but the long-term application of low temperature water cleansing can cause skin vasoconstriction, lack of ductility, aging, is not good for skin moist. Very is for oily skin, but also because of the 'cold', to tighten the pores, can't cleaning deposit on the face of the stain, the blain blain skin disease. Tips: the suitable temperature should be around 34 ℃, try hard, a sense of damp and hot, but it is not easy to feel hot. This kind of warm boiled water, can clean face and has stabilization effect to the skin, is good for the rest of skin and eliminate fatigue, no harm to skin. 4, with a lot of other brand whitening skincare the truth: or ingredients resistance or skin is more sensitive to sale the whitening skin care products on the market at present stage, in the commodity composition, density, give full play to the basic principle and system software are completely different, interoperability whitening skincare products not only lead to optimal collocation of lack, also can let ingredients cause sensitivity among the chances of promotion. Tips: the authoritative expert reminds, whitening skin care products in the same brand facilities application is best, many well-known brands often have a dozen whitening skincare products, if don't want to choose and buy products, proposed the choose and buy whitening essence, creams and whitening and hydrating mask. 5, make the skin at night sleep 'naked' the truth: skin repair is the best chance to be afraid of missing the skin greasy feeling, decisive night succinctly put some fresh and moisturizing lotion or decisive which do not apply, however, the pigment into a lag effect, to sleep at night when the will is still in the activated state. Tips: so at night should choose efficient hydrating mask moisturizing cream, can not only inhibit fruit enzyme specificity, also can prevent skin embrittlement. 6 eye lips without sunscreen, the truth: eye lip is very easy to bask in old if lips more long-term damage from ultraviolet light, despite lackluster lip color will be more and more deep, will also appear manic lip liner by hard work, must be applied with uv index of lipstick. Tips: the skin around eyes more to do a good job of the prevent bask in segregation. After wipe sunscreen in advance to prepare a pair of sun glasses greatly, but not summer fashion trend, can immediately against sun damage. 7, with whitening and hydrating mask the truth: immediately after drying as always producing skin sensitive situation such as red rash bask in the skin after very little water, and how much is there are some inflammation medium, so if you put the sour alkali whitening and hydrating mask apply is in facial ministry, equivalent to increase the answer is more sensitive to opportunities. Tips: the right approach is to use after sun drying after repair mask or alleviate the commodity of cooling, reoccupy moisturizing facial fill the sunburnt skin moisture, whitening skin processes such as smooth skin thoroughly after use are not late again. 8, the skin is not clean will fill sunscreen the truth: 'fill' horrible silence acne, grease grains of a lot of people know touch-up sunscreen, but usually all is immediately with layer upon layer, the results will 'fill out' terrorist silent acne, grease grains! Tips: sweat take oil is not serious, you can use toilet paper to wipe the sweat, gently suck with oil absorption to plant oil, then fill sunscreen; If face a lot of sweat and oil, should be used to discharge makeup wet paper towel to wipe the sweat and plant oil in sunscreen. 9, human body biological clock night in summer, so stay up late for a long time have no matter son the truth: often stay up late at night after face appeared a lot of blain blain on the face and blain blain, it is the most controversial experience deep due to endocrine disorder, often stay up late the face appeared a lot of blain blain on the face and blain, so here to prompt you babies, dry don't stay up late, don't have to feel oneself body clock is all over the years, so often stay up late that's all right, people don't think so, must will return home on the human body biological clock regulates itself, how much is the small public election is not all brush phone lie to go to bed before 11 o 'clock at night, a brush to or sleep. Little imagine, infinite moonlit just an optical illusion, long-term stay up people's skin will be dry, less water and there will be a dark yellow skin and black rim of the eye pouch, in addition with metabolism of skin glands of energetic will continue to produce the blain blain on the face.
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