Summer need to how to use cosmetics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-28
Summer skin care 'both a' proof 'both' mean? 吗? This summer, to do a good job cleaning, sebaceous glands is secreted exuberant comparison, this time is prone to pore blocking, as will appear acne problems. So to do some cleaning work to prevent some bacteria breeding. 吗? 2 to keep relaxed, to clear our pores, also is to keep our relaxed state, can prevent acne occurs. 'Blowout' mean? 吗? 'Blowout' is refers to do a good job, prevent bask in hot summer weather, combined with ultraviolet light, will cause certain harm to the skin. Do prevent bask in, protection work is particularly important. 吗? Prevention after drying after the repair is also very important, after drying the most direct way is cold. After a cold with some skin cream to improve again, want to go to the hospital to check. Daily skin care in addition to be 'both a proof', still need to pay attention to the use of cosmetics, do not choose some powder quality cosmetics. Dust or powder products can easily clogged pores, acne occurs. The summer when they are in a bath should pay attention to clean job. Summer may be most people can go swimming, swimming pool of some disinfectant will cause certain influence to our skin, this time also want to do repair work. store hot summer weather, in the preservation of cosmetics manufacturer, attention should be paid to in a cool place, prevent sun direct illuminate. Do not put in the damp environment, that will also affect the preservation of the cosmetics. Summer diet should pay attention to what? Diet can affect the skin. In the summer, most people would like to eat cold drinks, cold drinks are more sweet food, these substances are likely to stimulate our excessive secretion of sebaceous gland, is likely to cause acne. Suggestions don't eat too much cold drink in summer. Avoid eating some spicy, hot food Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory
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