Summer hydrating skills

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
More than 1, drink plenty of water, at least to drink eight glasses of water daily, except to drink water more, don't forget to eat more fresh fruit, can help the skin filling water. 2, cleanser to clean up such goods so will bring together face water and vegetable oils, so want to rely on it to moisturizing hydrating basically is not established. Facial cleaning, or to do, and therefore should pick colour and lustre is gentle nourishing cleanser, goods can avoid water outflow. 3, after cleanser, the next stage is to spray water embellish skin, skin water larger effect is to thin cuticle moisture, with its appropriate types of skin water embellish skin, gently with the hand knock skin is conducive to digestion and absorption; Can also pour water embellish skin on the makeup cotton, makeup cotton can deep skin texture, pressurized sealing infiltration, actual effect is stronger. 4, should attach great importance to the care of essence cream and moisturizing cream. Waiting for you in the whole process of skin care, skin water embellish skin is dry, then coated with essence of water and moisturizing cream, will be more conducive to digestion and absorption, to get better effect, can cooperate with each other arm massage, moisture will lock in the bottom of the skin deeply. 5, do a good job of the security protection, such as playing the sun umbrella, wearing a sun hat, sun glasses, it is best to wipe sunscreen. After sun super news field to hydrate the skin, calm skin. In ladies handbags for prevent bask in segregation myopic degree for a moderate amount of sunscreen, keep maintaining jade-like stone embellish skin soft and prevent bask in segregation, the sole limit by irritating to the skin. 6, spray water or moisturizing moisturizing nourishing fluid, when you feel facial ministry skin dry give full play to prevent dry mania. Especially in the central air conditioning room, gush out toward the face, not only can maintain skin supple hydrating, also has the effect of wake up fresh.
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