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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-09
Summer 'face' big fight, you are short of such a cleanser < p> PHPCMS - 2016 12 - 03 14:23:00 < / p> summer comes, you are short of such a foam cleanser, I heard the girl with the skin mild stimulation, comfortable is not tight, the mood is good. Clogged pores, skin contamination, makeup is not complete, face is very important, so how line? Heard that have recently with wormwood jiamei + makeup amino acid cleanser, cleansing sell very fire. < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; '> < / p> < p> amino acid cleanser is what? < / p> amino acid cleanser is the most close skin cleanser of all gentle cleanser. Its biggest characteristic is efficient and clean at the same time, moderate close skin, low stimulation, children and sensitive skin can be used. And what is the difference between traditional cleansing products? 1, focus on traditional facial scrub is efficient clean, go black, oil, etc. , but ignore the product itself to the stimulation of the skin. 2, in order to improve the traditional scrub clean power and ability to oil, joined the strong alkaline surface active agent, foaming agent, the composition such as soap base, and the skin of human body is a weak acid, use for a long time may irritate the skin. What's more, the skin sebum membrane will be destroyed. Once lost, sebum membrane, skin damage is vulnerable to the outside world. 3, amino acid cleanser USES is weakly acidic amino acid surfactant, PH value and close to the body skin, protein and amino acids are all composed of material, so gentle close skin, not only suitable for the MM of blain blain skin use, such as: micro air bubble is one of the few water also can be at ease use of cleaning products for sensitive skin. Jiamei beauty makeup market since the popular favorite of dream-rivers jiamei introduced main amino acid wash facial cleaning foam discharging into the market, the main concept & other Mild stimulation, comfortable not tight & throughout; Favored by the majority of consumers love, and to get everyone's consistent approval. This beauty makeup market hot darling, what is unique about it deeply clean and moisturizing, does not destroy the PH balance of skin, clean face makeup in one new concept, make the skin natural and healthy and relaxed state. A proper cleaning process is skin care in the first and most important step. Because our skin with a layer of the sebaceous glands secretion, and that is infected with dirt grease is very easy, and after long-term exposure to the oxidation with air, not only can make the skin is faulty and no gloss looks grey, and has no benefits for the skin. So, every day will be stained with dust and metamorphic sebum to clear for our skin care is the key.
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