Summer bask in skin care products generation processing: how important is it to bask to you know?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-28
Many women are now cheaper knows that prevent bask in work is 365 days a year to be done. In addition to sleeping at night, want to besmear bask in. Especially now sorching summer, even in the evening will reflect ultraviolet light on the ground, because you use more, all is prevented bask in market a year are all forget, but prevent bask in skin care products processing plant remind you: summer should take prevent bask in skin care products market. XJ Beauty, cosmetics factory, prevent bask in summer to protect skin to taste the processing order is super many oh!

usually we are so in what circumstances use besmear bask in scene much

1, the night is prevented bask in

daytime protection has been more and more female attention, but the night sunscreen whitening are often neglected by people, especially to the pub or the movies more should pay special attention to, because of uv lamp, fluorescent lamp contains is very strong, it is easy to be tan, so everyone female friends, the evening go out to play don't forget to do is prevented bask in!

2。 Indoors or in the car well bask

'uv' can be subdivided into longer wavelengths uva, medium long uvb and short wavelengths uvc, including uva bends into indoor, also known as 'indoor uv', it can deep into the dermis, the collagen and elastic fibers and fibroblasts were damaged, so not only meets uva stimulate pigments synthesis and make the skin color 'black', causes the skin aging and wrinkle the main culprit.

3。 An umbrella rub sunscreen cosmetics manufacturer

'why did I have umbrellas, rub sunscreen lotion? '

actually umbrellas hides more crisis! High quality umbrella indeed can effectively block the ultraviolet ray, but regardless of how it works or not, at best, also can cut off direct ultraviolet light. Can from such as ground reflection, refraction of uv glass window is nothing useful. Only directly on the surface of the skin direct slap on the sunscreen lotion can be completely isolated from pervasive ultraviolet light.

4 rainy day also want to use prevent bask in

although clouds can stop infrared, but can't cut off ultraviolet rays, especially longer wavelengths uva! Although infrared blocking by cloud will not feel the sun burning, but ultraviolet or imperceptibly has damage on the skin!

so is prevented bask in a product should be ready at any time, but with the market is so big, also not quickly make prevent bask in skin care products processing, processing find cosmetics manufacturer must first take a look at XJ Beauty!

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