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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-25
It is illegal to use cosmetics raw materials called < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:19 < / p> health reporter fabolous ministry recently issued a circular, required rectification work concentrating on cosmetics. This special regulation for more than 95% of the comprehensive rectification of cosmetics production enterprise health permits, supervise and urge the rectification or banning unqualified production enterprises; For key cities for the beauty parlor, pharmacy to cover over 80% of the supervision and inspection, the supervision of the wholesale market coverage of 85% or more. Notification requirements, cosmetics production enterprise of health license issued in accordance with the requirements of the 'cosmetics production enterprise health standards' for a comprehensive supervision and inspection, review the raw material storage of various enterprises, such as raw material in and out of the record and feeding, check the enterprise whether there is any illegal use of cosmetics raw materials. Such as whether to use the specified in 'cosmetics health standard' banned substances; If not in accordance with the stipulated in 'cosmetics health standard' and restrict the use of requirements ( Including the applicable scope, restrict the use of concentration, conditions of use and the matters needing attention of identification and other restrictions and requirements) Use restricted substances, preservatives, uv absorber, and coloring. Notice, each province cosmetics business processes to determine at least three cities ( One for the capital city, municipality directly under the central government determine the three counties) To focus on cosmetics business units ( Beauty parlor, pharmacy, cosmetics wholesale market) Conducting supervision and inspection, the content includes: cosmetics label, mark, specifications, check if the above site operating cosmetics propaganda effect, whether to use medical terms, whether note there are indications that the existence of false exaggerated propaganda and the health permit number identification; The existence or non-existence of unlicensed homemade cosmetic beauty parlor.
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