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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
Cosmetics processing - Optimization of domestically produced a variety of cosmetics for the record information system < p> cosmetics processing 2018 - 07 - 16 10:14:22 < / p> cosmetics OEM processing, optimization and upgrading of domestic variety of cosmetics for the record information system more intelligent, more comprehensive and more rigorous. A reserved, enterprise system account freeze function 1, enterprise contact number or address is not true, accurate, lead to the record after inspection or daily unable to effectively carry out supervision and inspection, system setting the function of account freeze. 2, inspection unit can bar via the record information system to enterprise, active contact with the inspection unit in a month, or can be put on record information system account freeze. After informed, the system automatically timing, fails to contact the inspection units, the system automatically frozen account for the record of the enterprise information system, enterprise login system have a pop up that information. 3, within one month from the account is frozen, the enterprise may apply to the inspection unit to submit written statements and cancel the account freeze, according to the situation by provincial food and drug department will decide whether to terminate the freeze. 4, enterprise fails to apply for or provincial food and drug regulatory departments shall not remove the frozen, the enterprise has been put on record product information by the system automatically clean up. Second, the audit related organs function check 1, 2017 provincial library of organs in the cosmetics, has set up a embedded information system, enterprises in the product name when using the words in a forbidden word library, the system automatically to remind the record review personnel. 2, the current record is a key content of the audit to label claims audit, the same word in different people may have different understanding of the different provinces and the personnel standard scale is difficult to master unity, system to establish the function of suspected organs feedback, the product name or package labels, find disable word can immediate feedback when suspected language outside of the library. System on a regular basis to the personnel feedback summary, statistics, analysis of words. Currently, and is set up corresponding mechanism, through the system of feedback organs, vote for collective judgment. 3, the name of the product review to achieve the system automatically reminds, but the words on the packing, the biggest effort has been put on record the audit. System considering adding a enterprise content - is allowed - - - - - - Packaging text, the system can automatically disable word selection. Cosmetics processing parse other optimization function 1. Online product registration information display: (related content 1) In kit form to declare products, different formula to show separately. ( 2) Registration certificate information displayed in the distribution of raw materials. ( 3) For the record after the check, no longer display the results, display for the record after inspection time. 2. Record review opinions sub-classified, set up a drop-down menu, return reason into 'about reporting in the first quarter of 2017 cosmetics letter of registration and record information in the classification problem. 3. Automatic identification of holidays, not included in the five working days. 4. Update the system within the limit of material and its limit, and the cosmetic safety technical specifications '( The 2015 version) Is consistent. 5. Automatically identify new cosmetics production license, for replacement of the enterprise, system should not be submitted to the new products for the record.
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