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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
Cosmetics OEM processing fine work introduces a hydrating mask processing considerations < p> cosmetics processing 2018 - 08 - 29 17:47:27 < / p> skin moisture loss due to dry climate, and thus become coarse, dark yellow, is needed at this time of hydrating, or it will dry lines and other skin problems caused by water shortage. In addition, branded cosmetics to tell you that almost all the skin problems caused because of lack of water, so water hydration is critical to keep skin in good condition. So, you will know why all the skin care products have hydrating ingredients. While hydrating mask is the most hydrating products directly, through the mask material body hydrating ingredients into the skin, give skin enough moisture, keep skin moist state for a long time. Hydrating, cosmetics OEM processing said, is a long-term process, and can't happen overnight, so there are a lot of girls said didn't apply the mask effect, will notice you. Hydrating mask processing OEM what need to be aware of? Membrane cloth mask main points and the material body, membrane cloth will say later, today the first mask essence ingredients. Main points of water-soluble ingredients and hydrating ingredients oil soluble constituents, these two components need to press against the crowd to add. The same, different mask is according to different people, so choosing mask processing OEM, the first is cosmetics processing customers understand their consumer groups, for which the market, understand the consumer's skin care needs, to make marketable hydrating mask. Face film is one of the most popular types in the skincare, especially hydrating mask, a huge consumer market. As a result, many brands will choose the mask processing and OEM.
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