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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
Cosmetics OEM processing fine work analysis at night is a good time for skin care < p> cosmetics processing 2018 - 08 - 24 17:25:10 < / p> it is a good time to protect skin at night, can let the skin relaxation, compensatory nutrition. But cosmetics processing OEM tell love beautiful women, should also pay attention to when choosing to protect skin to taste, according to choose suits own skin protect skin to taste, to better repair damaged skin and care during the night. In addition, skin care is a long-lasting thing, pay attention to every detail at ordinary times, such ability can let the skin more beautiful. Before going to bed before sleeping with the mask, mask before bedtime can supply nutrition to skin, and can clean the pores in the makeup powder. Apply face film not long time, in general it is ok to apply the mask after 15 minutes, otherwise it will fall facial moisture absorption and clogged pores. A lot of women to the trouble, day cream late frost disorderly use, think that these two cream use effect is the same. In fact, this idea is wrong, day cream main function is to lock water, sunscreen, and late frost's main function is to supply skin nutrition. We want to go out during the day, so the day by day cream mostly dirt, against outside erosion; With a late frost is mainly nutrition skin at night. Cosmetics processing stick a card to tell you, makeup is not completely would have severe consequences, to teach you how to protect skin before sleep! Big pores, fine lines and skin relaxation is a trouble, most women want to improve rough pore and fine lines and skin flabby skin problems, the night is the best treatment time, the skin after cleansing toning, to strengthen the pores of skin care, through the efficient moisturizing cream, and add on treatment of pore essence pore, double tube, prevent pore widening. Eduction toxin is an important link in the whole process of skin at night, how to remove toxins? To discharge makeup clean first, and then use an & other; Lactic acid bacteria & throughout; Beneficial bacteria to rule out the vitality of the composition such as frost, skin of endotoxin, plus massage skin, it is can go cutin, solve the skin dark phenomenon. Strengthen skin defense force, purify metabolic toxins. The emulsion is used before sleeping is a good habit, I hope everyone can use this good habit. The emulsion is good, can replenish skin's natural moisture, but unfavorable and overmuch, too many words will make the skin pore jams.
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