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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
Cosmetics processing - A Chinese cosmetic mogul, legendary life < p> cosmetics processing 2018 - 07 - 12 17:14:52 < / p> cosmetics OEM processing parsing, 1971, 19 ZhuangQiChuan into & other; Local state-owned lishui five? Seven chemical & throughout; ( Love si company predecessor) , start from the grass-roots workers, followed by successive GongXiaoYuan, supply and marketing section chief, step by step up to the management deputy director. At the end of 1984, because only in the production of a single soap products, mismanagement, the chemical plant on the verge of collapse, even the workers to take to the streets to sell soap. ZhuangQiChuan was held up as the factory director in 1985, he was on the move, with the Shanghai ZhiZaoChang pool, to undertake foreign trade processing, try every way to finally make the enterprise turned the corner. In 1991, ZhuangQiChuan introduce Switzerland advanced technology, developed a NICE ( Love si) Soap, price only half of imported soaps, hit a chemical plant for the first piece of famous brand. The following year, through technical research, and he will increase the decontamination ability of laundry soap for three to four times. When ZhuangQiChuan did not satisfy, quality also not line, alone, he thought, thoroughly subverting the traditional. He will soap color from yellow to blue, outside still add a plastic cover, created & other; Diao card chaoneng soap & throughout; 。 And this kind of differentiation for brand to bring a tremendous success. Cosmetics processing OEM, & other; Bear, feelings & throughout; , is the industry to the evaluation of zheshang. Open the official introduction can also see the multiple identities. In December 2017, ZhuangQiChuan thirteenth of zhejiang province people's congress elected representatives; In 2018, in addition to love, secretary of the party committee, chairman of the board, also in the industry of China cleaning products industry association, deputy director, director of the soap professional committee members. According to the Chinese businessman's hall of fame, ZhuangQiChuan like water, in his office with & other; Empty sea, tolerance is a great, high and not low, we absorb all the dissatisfaction. Its true, the world not to argue with. ” This pragmatic entrepreneurs, in the company advocates & other; The water culture & throughout; To employees as the first capital of the enterprise, public to prevent & other; Spell dad & throughout; Culture, let the capable employees perform. He admired kazuo inamori sentence: anything as long as you do, the fairy will come to help you. He himself also pursues a high-profile work, low-key life principle. Thanks & other; Adjustment in the development, the adjustment of development & throughout; Concept, under the environment of economic recession in 2015, sales of the love, is still more than 19 billion brands, the group 11 to pay taxes. 400 million yuan, sales and profits to maintain double-digit growth, ranked fifth in the field of global cosmetic. In 2015, the love, also announced a $70 million acquisition of Taiwan wonderful housekeeper co. , LTD. 100% stake, to further expand diversified business group. Cosmetics OEM processing, in addition to work hard, there is no second throughout the road to success &;
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