Stay up late how women skin care cosmetic?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
Staying up late can make women's skin becomes poor, also easy to appear a lot of beauty &skin care problems, such as acne, hidden, and so on, so many women would want to use makeup to cover skin imperfections. So, how do women often stay up late on makeup? Next, school small make up I have summarized some beauty makeup tools and make-up tips, teach you how to get to stay up late the skin into beautiful appearance, hurriedly come to learn. Tip # 1: the mask - — Makeup before the emergency care skin after staying up late the skin tends to lose a lot of water, dark light, the most effective remedy is to use contains hyaluronic acid high moisturizing ingredients like mask, makeup before the first aid. Then use a moisturizing efficacy maintain article, let skin rapidly in a state of water embellish, facilitate the vanity and submissive. Tip # 2: the emulsion mixed powder - — 'Powder' Nemesis in a ratio of 1:1 mix emulsion and foundation, let the bottom makeup has enough moisture, reoccupy finger away. Choose moist model foundation, the foundation can provide a better fit facial contour, and then the skin will feel very comfortable. Use less as far as possible after powdery cake, but in the quick makeup, only use concealer and powdery cake instead of all process, with appropriate technique of the thin bottom makeup can get the same effect. Tip # 3: powder brush, — Brush the light break bottom makeup actually bottom makeup is good or bad is not in the foundation itself, technique is the most important thing. First brush with powdery bottom to hit powdery bottom to spread evenly, and then use a sponge on the skin rapidly to wipe, and then the other side with a clean sponge and gently press the skin, can be in the dark nights when skin create even break translucent bottom makeup. Tip # 4: lipstick + lip is sweet, — Away from the lips dry lips after staying up late also tend to become dry, peeling, so prepare a moist extra-tough lip balm to render, let the water shortage of labial ministry skin become soft, then start a lip makeup, coated with lip is sweet, so you can have lasting water embellish sexy beauty lip! These are to stay up late the skin makeup skills. For staying up late to the skin, the skin becomes dry rough, so, this time to use has a nourishing effect of cosmetics manufacturer, so at the same time of repair the damaged skin, also can have the makeup concealer effect. Of course, after staying up late is not suitable for cosmetic skin, considering from the perspective of skin health, stay up late the skin should be timely repair and maintenance, don't immediately make up.
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