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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-29
State Food and Drug Administration: there is no 'instrument name' mask text | the State Food and Drug Administration today, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the article 'cosmetics science popularization: Alert mask consumption trap', indicating that there is no so-called 'instrument name mask ', 'Mechanical mask' is actually a medical dressing, which belongs to the category of medical devices. The following is the original text: With the upgrading of public consumption, medical beauty is more and more close to our life, a variety of laser treatment, skin care projects are sought after by consumers. After medical cosmetology, consumers are often recommended to use various so-called 'mechanical mask' and 'Medical Beauty Mask '( The product registration certificate number usually marked is 'X device note' or 'X device', etc) , Or makeup mask dubbed 'medical skin care products', etc. These products are claimed to be higher than ordinary mask standards, efficacy, more secure, more suitable for consumers to use. Is the so-called 'mechanical mask' and 'medical skin care products' a better skin care choice for consumers? First, there is no so-called 'mechanical mask' and the so-called 'mechanical mask', which is actually a medical dressing and belongs to the category of medical devices. Medical dressings can be in direct or indirect contact with the wound surface, and have the medical effects of absorbing wound exudate, supporting organs, preventing adhesion or providing a suitable environment for wound healing. Medical dressings managed according to medical devices can be divided into three categories: surgical dressings (Divided into absorbable and non-absorbable dressings), Contact wound dressing (Divided into acute wound dressing and chronic wound dressing), Bandage fixed dressing. According to the provisions of the regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices, medical dressing products are divided from low to high risk, and are managed according to the first, second and third types of medical devices respectively. Medical dressings that claim to be sterile, the lowest management category for the second type of medical devices; If the wound is damaged by contact with the deep dermis or the following tissues, or is used for chronic wounds, or can be absorbed by the human body in whole or in part, its management category is the third type of medical devices. Domestic second class medical device products need to report to the provincial drug supervision and administration department for registration before listing; Class III medical devices and imported Class II medical devices must be registered with the State Drug Administration before listing. The naming of medical dressings managed according to medical devices should meet the requirements of 'general naming rules for medical devices' and should not contain declared words such as 'beauty' and 'health care, it shall not contain exaggerated scope of application or other misleading and deceptive content. Therefore, there is no concept of 'mechanical mask', and medical device products cannot be named 'mask. Cut from Tmall (January 2 16:30 screenshots) Second, 'cosmetic mask' can not claim 'medical skin care products' the so-called 'cosmetic mask', that is, according to the facial mask products managed by cosmetics, refers to apply or apply to the surface of human skin, after a period of time to remove, scrub or retain, play the role of care or cleaning cosmetics. Facial mask cosmetics include not only facial mask, but also eye mask, nasal mask, lip mask, hand mask, foot mask, Neck Mask, etc. In recent years, it has been favored by consumers and has become an important category of cosmetics. According to the product pre-marketing supervision method, facial mask cosmetics are divided into two categories: the first category, special-purpose cosmetic facial masks that need to be registered to the State Drug Administration before listing, it is mainly a product that claims to have special effects such as freckle removal and whitening; The second category, non-special-purpose cosmetic masks that need to be filed with the State Drug Administration or the provincial drug supervision and administration department before listing, are mainly products that claim to have moisturizing, cleaning, moisturizing and other effects. According to the regulations and rules of the 'cosmetics hygiene supervision regulations' and other regulations, cosmetics shall not claim to have medical effects, and their logos shall not be marked with exaggerated functions, false propaganda and other contents. Some facial mask cosmetics claim that the products are 'medical skin care products' and 'cosmeceuticals' products, etc. , which are express or imply that the products have medical effects, are illegal claims. Third, how to use the mask correctly the medical dressing should be within the scope of its 'scope of application' or 'intended use', guided by a qualified doctor and used according to the correct usage and dosage, can not be used as daily skin care products for a long time. Facial mask cosmetics should be used in accordance with the requirements of the instructions. Although there is no clear dosage limit for cosmetics, the mask is not used as frequently as possible. For some consumers with sensitive skin, if you use the mask every day, it may increase the sensitivity of the skin, which is not conducive to skin health.
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