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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-06
State administration for industry and commerce management of direct selling should also strictly < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:10 < / p> < p> the second time this year the direct supervisory work symposium was held in hangzhou by the Ministry of Commerce, the state administration for industry and commerce organization of direct supervision symposium recently held in hangzhou, including amway, Avon, ningbo grow 15 domestic relevant person in charge of direct selling enterprises attended the meeting. It is reported, this is in January this year, relevant departments of the second direct selling enterprises, market regulation is still the important issues of the meeting. < / P> < P> encouraging sign liability form with direct sellers < / P> < P> in recent years, to crack down on illegal pyramid selling strength continuously strengthen, across the country have investigated a number of major cases, a recent nationwide also started playing rectification action, can be said to a certain extent, has formed the predominant control dealing a long-term mechanism. However, given the sheer level, multi-level direct selling and pyramid fraud have close relations, the state administration for industry and commerce departments think for direct selling market still need to strict management, to steadily push forward the development of direct selling market. < / P> < P> direct to attend the meeting of the state administration for industry and commerce administration bureau chief zhang hui said, in the present circulation field, should attach great importance to the supervision of food safety, and this kind of regulation needs from the whole process to focus on. 'In view of the health care products and cosmetics must be good shots, improve their own standards in the field of regulation. '< / P> < P> as the market main body of direct selling enterprises, in the process is more unshirkable responsibility. Direct to this, the Ministry of Commerce and state administration for industry and commerce administration authorities, points out that fuzzy understanding of direct selling market, the social credit system of direct selling enterprises is relatively lagging behind. Therefore, direct selling enterprises and direct sellers and distributors are encouraged to sign the corresponding liability form. As the direct selling enterprises shall be continuously grope rules, study the new situation of market, advocate the good faith management. At the same time, the government functional departments should implement credit regulation, the use of information systems for effective supervision, perfect the relevant laws and regulations, the direct selling enterprises to strengthen the administrative guidance. < / P> < P> to absorb as much as possible to play the remaining staff < / P> < P> is understood to be involved in the symposium of direct selling enterprises and related departments responsible for personnel enterprise current sales model are discussed. It should be said that these companies for direct selling regulations and regulations set of prohibited behaviour, all have a profound understanding. But on the other hand, direct sales personnel in the practical operation due to long-term follow operating habits, or for the benefit of chasing more still unavoidably exist beneath specification, the Ministry of Commerce and industry also at the conference reaffirmed the difference between the direct and pyramid selling, calls for enterprises to strengthen internal supervision. It is understood that these differences mainly embodied in legal straight companies have their own factories, scientific research institutions, enterprises and direct sellers is a partnership between the interests of the gain completely based on selling commodities; Illegal pyramid selling organization party would not have their own factories, sales is shoddy products, and other participants through the development of referral earnings among many layers on the superposition of the level of the pyramid selling, the more profit the higher commodity prices, which directly lead to commodity prices and the actual value deviation, the participants of the bottom of the economic losses. < / P> < P> in zhejiang industrial and commercial bureau JingJian jian-jun zhu put forward at the same time, the development of direct selling and the fight against pyramid selling is a kind of interactive relationship, its advice, should through the effective ways to make the direct selling enterprises to better absorb the blow after the MLM legacy personnel, to crack down on pyramid selling and specification selling organic combination, so as to better promote the healthy development of the direct selling business model. < / P> < P> link < / P> < P> Taiwan proposed ban on direct selling into the campus < / P> < P> according to China's regulations on direct selling, direct selling enterprises may not hire students for direct sellers, and Taiwan region in our country, as a result of direct selling has to sneak into the campus, cause certain problems, relevant departments are considering this ban. < / P> < P> it is reported that recently in Taiwan, there are some direct employees into the school, students in the direct selling industry, and thus the students don't Gu Jiachang against, leave school engaged in direct sales, this behavior has caused many parents. To this, including Taiwan normal university, university of politics, jiaotong university and so on all orders for direct selling behavior, ban solicit offline or direct selling activities in the school, want to direct selling out of campus, put an end to direct selling. And Taiwan fair trade commission in the 'executive', said although the law did not ban on direct selling industry advocacy to all students, but the future will consider whether will this into law. < / P> < P> in Taiwan, the direct selling association director Liu Shuchong say 'multi-level sales management method' regulation at least 18 years old, persons under the age of 20, if you want to put the direct selling industry subject to the consent of the parents and guardians, but is actually required to submit parents consent to minors, to look at the coercive power of direct marketing practitioners, and abide by the laws and regulations. It calls for direct selling industry should not be on permeate into the campus, should actively advocate the students have a correct understanding of direct selling rather than regardless of the course. < / P> < P> < / P>
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